Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Disney Villain Cosmetic Bags Available Only At Walgreen's! #Review #Makeup #BeautyBlogger

One thing I am really enjoying about the holiday season this year is having a little girl to shop for! I have never had that before, and having a girlie girl in my life has been a real treat this year! I am able to shop for and check out things that I have never been able to before, and it has been loads of fun! One really fun product that I got to check out lately is from the new line of Disney Villain cosmetic bags from LONDON SOHO NEW YORK and Walgreen's! The newest line of bags features Disney Villains, such as Malificent, Snow White's Evil Queen, and Ursula. I absolutely love these cosmetic bags, and they available only at Walgreen's, so you know they are super affordable as well!

These bags, as you can see, are SO adorable! I absolutely love them, and I know my girl is going to love them too! You can pick up your own at Walgreen's!

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