Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hapimomi Family Calendar App Is Going To Be My Lifesaver! #momlife #blogger #pr #review #blogger

As we approach another family vacation, (only two more sleeps!), I find myself stressed beyond belief, trying to fit all of the important things into a small bit of time. I have so many time management issues, I can never fit it all in! I use two paper calendars, plus my daily planner, plus my Google calendar to try to keep everything under control, and it still doesn't work. I have been needing a new take on family organization for awhile now! 

When I heard about the Hapimomi app, I knew that it was something that would potentially be very helpful to our family! What is the Hapimomi app? Well, it's a family calendar app, but it's way more than a calendar. It's more like a family sharing app, or a social media site that's just for your family. I knew that we needed something like this! 

Here's Hapimomi's backstory, and I LOVE that it was created by two parents, just like us, who were going through the same issues: 

"Hapimomi was founded in 2012 by us, just two parents living in Silicon Valley. Every parent knows just how crazy running a family can be with your own work schedules, kids' school, after school activities, tutoring, hobbies, vacations and so much more! A lightbulb went off for us, that being able to share with each other anytime, and on the go, is the key. We were frustrated by the lack of private sharing and planning apps for our family. The generic social sites are too public and do not help us coordinate with each other privately throughout a busy day. We wished there was an all-in-one app to also help us coordinate groceries, errands and had a fun calendar to plan events for our family. Additionally we needed a family phone book that we shared at all times. We definitely did not want six separate apps that require another six logins, with constant updates etc. So armed with many years of Fortune 500 marketing, finance and technology experience, we launched Hapimomi to help families stay connected and organized, privately!"
-Danny and Claudia, Co-Founders, Hapimomi

How awesome is that? I just found out about this app a few days ago, and I am already loving it! There are so many great things you can do with this app, from making grocery lists, to do lists (my obsession!), calendars, even a "wall" to share things with other family members! I love this whole app, the concept is really cool and something that is very much needed! Plus, Hapimomi now offers a rewards program where you can earn rewards for using the app! Love that! 
I know that this app is really going to be helpful to our family, and maybe I can stop stressing out so much! Wouldn't that be nice!? I love that I can post personal things and no one can see them except family members. This will be great for things that I don't want everyone to know, like when the kids are sick, or when my oldest has gone three days without saying a curse word! (Big accomplishment around here LOL!) It's actually really cool to have your own personal social media website!!! 

You really should check out the Hapimomi app, it's going to be a great addition to our family, and I will check in in a few weeks and let you know how it's working out for us! In the meantime, you can download the app here! Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates, and you can read more about the app on their website

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Getting Some Great Fall Looks at Meijer! #fashion #meijer #pr #review #momblog

If you're like me, you probably don't think of fashion when you think of Meijer. I love Meijer for groceries, household goods and even electronics, but I have never really checked out their clothing or accessory selections. I recently had a chance to do just that, and I was very pleasantly surprised with what Meijer had to offer me! 

For my assignment, I had to pick out some great fall fashions from Meijer. Only one little problem... I found way more than one outfit! I actually spent my allotted amount and even talked my hubby into letting me spend a little more so I could get even more goodies! Check out my very favorite picks below: 

I am especially in love with the snow boots and the tote bag, these are gonna be perfect for fall! I am a fall girl anyway, I love hoodies and sweaters and boots and corduroy and suede and fur, dark colors and layers and bundling up! Fall is my favorite season, can you tell?? I got a ton of great stuff at Meijer, and have put some more great items on my Christmas wish list! 

Anyway, I am really glad that I got the chance to check out Meijer's fall fashion selections, I was pleasantly surprised. So, ladies, next time you are grocery shopping at Meijer, or picking up a Halloween costume for the kids, or getting your prescription filled, make sure to check out Meijer's  clothing and accessories as well, you might just find a little something for yourself as well! Moms deserve to be spoiled too, and with Meijer you can get the look you want and deserve for less! Don't believe me? Check out the Meijer Lookbook for your own style inspiration! 

Disclosure: We received a Meijer gift card to compensate for our Meijer purchases. Although a gift card was received, all opinions are 100% my own. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Surprising My Family with NEW Weight Watcher's Goodies!

This post was sponsored by the Role Mommy Writer's Network.  All opinions are my own.  
Peanut Butter Brownie Bliss™ - A decadent brownie layered with creamy, real peanut butter and a chocolaty coating. Each individually-wrapped brownie is 90 calories.

We are a houseful of snackers. No question about it. We like to eat, and we like to eat a lot. It's really no secret at all! However, lately, I have been thinking that maybe things have gotten a little bit out of control, and I have been working on ways to revamp our diets. I am, for me, cutting back and trying to control my calories, and make healthier food choices. However, my guys have not been on board with me through this whole journey of mine. 
Triple Chocolate Brownie Bliss™ - A decadent brownie layered with creamy, chocolate ganache and a chocolaty coating. Each individually-wrapped brownie is 80 calories.

Recently, the boys walked in when I was sampling some of the new Weight Watchers baked goodies for this campaign. However, they didn't know they were Weight Watchers... and I didn't tell them... Enter evil laugh... Bahahahaha.... 

Here's what I was eating, no package in sight.... They just had to try some! 
They thought they were so yummy! And then... I told them they were Weight Watchers! They were SO suprised! My oldest actually spit his out, then realized that it STILL was yummy, even if it said Weight Watchers on the package! I was honestly, really surprised myself at how delicious these things were! I am a chocoholic, and I really enjoyed the chocolate brownies, but the peanut butter were amazing too! The chocolate brownies are only 80 calories each and the peanut butter are only 90 calories! Love it!

We are huge fans of these new Weight Watchers goodies! I am pretty sure that if I use these Weight Watchers treats, I will be able to stick to my weight loss goals and keep my daily calories under 1500. I was also thrilled when I checked at my local grocery store, to find that Weight Watchers already has some delicious treats like these out, like coffee cake, lemon creme, red velvet creme, and more! Great to have such delicious options! 

I was honestly very impressed with these brownies, and I can sometimes be a little picky when it comes to chocolate goodness :). I will be the first to admit I am a tough critic and a harsh judge. But, these Weight Watchers goodies passed the test no problem! 

If you want to pick up some of these delicious brownie treats, you can find them at your local grocery! They are also super affordable, starting at around $3.29. 

My Baby Is Making Memories With The #VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect!! PLUS #GIVEAWAY!!

Disclosure: I was provided with a sample of this product for review purposes. However, all opinions are 100% our own and are never influenced by any outside sources. 
My sweet little baby Bean always feels a little bit left out. His older brother is almost eight, and has all the cool things that mom and dad have: computers, iPods, a Nintendo 3DS, etc. My poor little guy is still a little bit too small for these fun things,and I always feel bad leaving him out of the fun. But, he's not left out anymore! As a matter of fact, our littlest guy has now become our official family photographer!! That's all thanks to the VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect

This camera is designed just for little hands, so it is perfect for our little guy! I don't have to worry about it getting broken, or him messing it up in any way, because it is MADE for him!  I love it! The best part for Bean? This camera also takes videos! He is obsessed with taking videos because his big brother is also obsessed with taking videos! The camera also comes with some pre-loaded games on it, which makes it even more fun! Plus, he can edit the photos with silly/wacky effects, which is perfect for him! He also loves the voice recording features, and plays with that CONSTANTLY! 
My Bean with his camera at the circus! 

This camera is really great for him, and his older brother has even been caught playing with it a few times too! So funny! Now he can scold his big brother for messing with HIS stuff for a change! The camera does take 4 AA batteries, two on each side, so be aware of that. We bought rechargables so we don't have to constantly replace them, and that has proven to be a great idea so far! Plus, it can hold up to something like 800 photos, and you can extend the memory to help it hold even more! 

We are all really happy with this camera, it has proven to be a great toy in our home, and it hasn't been here very long. It is already on the "our favorite toys" list, and the #1 toy that my little Bean has to grab every time he leaves the house! We recently went to the circus, and he was busy the whole time taking pictures of the show! It was so cute to see him be so independent, and once we got home, I was actually surprised to see that he had taken some really great pictures! 
He wouldn't put it down! 

I would definitely recommend this camera if you have a little one in your life that is super creative, but still not yet big enough for a "real" camera or an iPhone or iPod. If you haven't had the blessing of owning a VTech product for your little one, you need to look into them! VTech makes some really great kids products and they are durable, fun, and very well made! Two thumbs up from the Flip Out Mama crew to VTech for yet another great product! To keep up with VTech and all their great products, be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook! Here's a great video to tell you more about the camera too! 

We are lucky enough to be giving away another VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect to one lucky Flip Out Mama reader! Enter via the easy Rafflecopter below! If you want to check out all the specifics of this camera before (or after!) you enter, here's the link to the product page on Vtech's website:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I am so excited to bring you guys this great back to school giveaway today! Who could use $100 PayPal cash for back to school??? I know that I could! This is a really great giveaway and I hope that all of you will enter and maybe a lucky Flip Out Mama reader will win! Don't forget to do all of the entry options so you can win!!! 

$100 PayPal Cash BestMark Back to
School Giveaway

Welcome to the Back to School Cash Giveaway, sponsored by BestMark, Inc.!

We all know that back to school shopping can really take a toll on the wallet. After buying school supplies, clothing, shoes, paying registration fees and more, there’s often very little left. The good news? Our sponsor, BestMark Mystery Shopping, partnered up with Moms Living Thrifty to put some of that cash back into one lucky winner’s pocket!

Who is BestMark, Inc.?

With a rich history in providing mystery shopping support for some of North America’s largest corporations, BestMark is not only a reliable corporation, but one of the pioneers of the industry. Companies enjoy the ability to identify their areas of excellence as well as areas that need improvement. Mystery shoppers benefit from the rewards of performing shops, such as reimbursement for services or product purchases and, in many instances, a payment for the shop as well. It’s a very clever concept that consumers with spare time available are taking advantage of.
What might you be able to mystery shop for? Auto services are just one of the many mystery shopping opportunities that will be available to you through BestMark, Inc.

Mom Confessions: What's Yours?

This post was sponsored by the Role Mommy Writer's Network, all opinions are my own.

Every mom has her confessions. That's just the way it is. We all have them. 

Oh. Are you waiting to hear mine? Oops... Okay then, I guess I have to tell you, don't I? 

Confession #1: Sometimes (not very often, but sometimes), my kids eat popcorn for dinner. Or cereal. Or some other less than Betty Crocker-ish meal for dinner. Don't hate. 

Confession #2: I have an entire stash of "mom snacks" that my kids don't know about. I hide from them when I eat them, so I don't have to share. 

Confession #3: I suck at reminding my kids to take baths. Seriously. Usually, by the time I remember they needed a bath, they are already tucked nicely in bed, and there is NO way in hell I am waking them back up. 

Confession #4: In my mind, "movie night" is code for "mom napping on the couch while nobody notices"! 

So, there you have it, those are my top four mom confessions! Speaking of mom confessions, I am super excited to see what kind of confessions Anna Faris is going to have in her new CBS comedy, aptly titled "MOM". I can't wait to watch! 

MOM is a comedy from executive producer Chuck Lorre starring Anna Faris as a newly sober single mom raising two children in a world full of temptations and pitfalls, and multiple Emmy Award winner Allison Janney as her critical, estranged mother. Christy is a waitress at a posh Napa Valley establishment who is four months clean and doing her best to be a good mom and overcome a history of questionable choices. Her sobriety is tested when her recovering alcoholic mom Bonnie reappears, chock-full of passive-aggressive insights into Christy’s many mistakes.  Bonnie joins Christy’s already complicated circle of relationships: her handsome, married boss – and lover – Gabriel; the restaurant’s hot-tempered chef, Rudy; her pretty, 16-going-on-25-yearold daughter, Violet; her sweet but overly honest son, Roscoe; her irresponsible ex and Roscoe’s father, Baxter; and Violet’s clueless boyfriend, Luke. Christy tries to remain positive as she pursues her new path in life, but she faces an uphill battle, surrounded by a dubious support system – and a copious amount of dysfunction.   Premieres Monday, Sept. 23, 2013, on the CBS Television Network.

I absolutely LOVE Anna Faris, she is such a funny girl, and I am thrilled to see her cast in a "mom" type role! Love her! I will definitely be checking out the premiere on September 23, I already have it on my calendar! Want to check out a preview of this great new show? Here ya go: 

MOM: Check it out on CBS, premiering September 23 at 9:30!! You are gonna love it! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Nancy B's Science Club AquaScope and Activity Journal from #EducationalInsights!`

We are lucky enough to live super close to four nature preserves (within ONE mile of us!) and the beautiful Kentucky River Palisades, all complete with their own little creeks and streams. For us, this means lots of time in the outdoors, lots of splashing in the creeks, and lots and LOTS of mud! Now we have one more thing to take with us when we go on our excursions, and that is the Nancy B's Science Club AquaScope and Activity Journal from Educational Insights! 

This AquaScope is really cool, I had never seen anything like it before! It's a Nancy B product, which means it will really appeal to girls, but there is no reason that boys won't like it too! My guy likes it just fine, there is nothing super girly about it at all. It's a really cool science tool, and it magnifies things up to 5x, which is pretty awesome! It even has built in LED lights! Another great extra is the thermometer  where you can chart the water temperature. Then, you also have the activity journal where you can get prompts and activities to do when you need some guidance! 

We have really enjoyed this tool as a part of our lessons. We, of course, tried it out in the bathtub and the pool, which was fun, but not as much fun as using it in a pond! If you use it in the pond, you can see all the little creatures that live in the water! The best part? My guy is learning biology without even knowing it! I love to sneak in lessons like this when the boys don't know that they are really lessons. They think they're just having fun, but as a homeschool mom, every thing we do is a learning opportunity, right? 

This AquaScope has been a great addition for us and we really have enjoyed using it lately! We are even planning on going out in the morning to explore the puddles from the storms we are having right now! How fun! If you think this might be a cool tool for the kiddo in your life, you can buy it here for right around $35.00. Make sure that you are signed up for EI's newsletter, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest too! 

We received a sample product in order to conduct this review, however all opinions are our own. 

My Big Boys Are Bonding With HALO Mega Bloks!

My big boy and his daddy. These two often have trouble bonding, so I am always on the lookout for ways to help them bond and things for them to do together. They always like playing video games together, but I have recently been wanting something a little bit more "unplugged" for them to do together. Thanks to Mega Bloks, I have found a great product for my two big guys to enjoy together! Mega Bloks has an entire line of HALO building products, based on one of my guys' favorite video games, and they have some amazingly cool products! 

We received the HALO Night Ops Gausshogg building set to review, and man, is it cool! It comes with a ton of pieces, and there are a lot of small parts, so make sure to keep it out of the reach of your small ones! This particular set is for ages 8 and up, so we made sure that Tater and daddy played with it together. This set has kept my guys busy for weeks now! 

Establish your army, build and expand your units with the UNSC Night Ops Gausshog by Mega Bloks Halo! The UNSC Gausshog is the light anti-armor variant of the Warthog LRV. Equipped with a 360° rotating Gauss Cannon, real working suspension and specially engineered floodlights, the Spartan Pathfinder and his Spartan Warrior gunner open fire on a Knight Lancer armed with a Suppressor. Now in desert camo with light features and in-game sounds, the Mega Bloks UNSC Night Ops Gausshog lets you play more than ever before!

Ideal for children ages 8 and up.


Buildable UNSC Gausshog with new light features and in-game sound!
UNSC Troops: Spartan in Pathfinder green, Spartan in Warrior green
Promethean Knight Lancer

Weapons: Railgun, Shotgun, Suppressor, Hooked Sword

As you might be able to guess, the most popular part of this building set for my guy is the gun! The army tank thingy itself is pretty dang cool, even for a mom who doesn't really "get" boys and their video game toys! It also makes lights and sounds, which is a big hit around here!This has become one of my guys' favorite toys, and they really do play with it almost every day! Tater in particular has really been having so much fun building and unbuilding this set, and then rebuilding it another crazy way. It's been great for his creativity and he now has all of the HALO Mega Bloks toys on his Christmas list! If you are thinking of checking out this set, you can get it online at several major retails for a little over $30.00. Click here for one link to buy this great set! 

We received a sample product in order to conduct this review. Although a sample product was received, all opinions are our own and are never influenced by outside means. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants Arkeyan Robot King Review!

If you're like me, you probably think of blocks when you think of Mega Bloks. Regular old building blocks and building kits. However, that is just not the case anymore! We recently got a chance to check out an awesome building kit from Mega Bloks from one of Tater's favorite things ever: Skylanders Giants! 

Tater has been a longtime fan of the Skylanders Giants video games ever since they came out, so this Mega Bloks kit was definitely well received by him! Here's the scoop: 

Build a blasting battle with the Arkeyan Robot King by Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants™! Pop Fizz will have to gulp down all the soda he can and transform into Beast Form when he confronts the Arkeyan Robot King with working Iron Fist launchers! With two green Chompies guarding the treasure chest, Pop Fizz will have his work cut out for him as he tries to collect the Robot King’s loot!
When the battle is over, collect the treasure and prepare to build a brand new battle!

Ideal for kids age 5 and up.


Buildable Arkeyan Robot figure with working Iron Fist launcher
Special transforming Pop Fizz figure
Two green Chompies and loot-filled treasure chest
Combines with the rest of the Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants™ to build your battle!

This really is a cool toy, even to the mom who doesn't really like video games that much! Tater has really loved this toy, he plays with it at least once every day! I mean, come on, what little boy does not love a treasure chest? That is by far his favorite part! The giant robot king guy is also a very popular part too, and little Mr. Pop Fizz is often used to scare his little brother, of course! 

This toy is good for ages five and up, it does have some little pieces, so watch out if you have little ones in the house as well. In our house this is a toy that has to be picked up after playing with it so little brother doesn't get into it, but that's no big deal. It comes with quite a few  pieces, and is very affordable at right around $30.00. Thinking of adding it to your Christmas list? Here's a great link for you! Don't forget to follow Mega Bloks on Twitter and Facebook too for the latest updates! 

I received a sample product in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own and are never influenced by an outside source. 


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