Monday, September 2, 2013

Nancy B's Science Club AquaScope and Activity Journal from #EducationalInsights!`

We are lucky enough to live super close to four nature preserves (within ONE mile of us!) and the beautiful Kentucky River Palisades, all complete with their own little creeks and streams. For us, this means lots of time in the outdoors, lots of splashing in the creeks, and lots and LOTS of mud! Now we have one more thing to take with us when we go on our excursions, and that is the Nancy B's Science Club AquaScope and Activity Journal from Educational Insights! 

This AquaScope is really cool, I had never seen anything like it before! It's a Nancy B product, which means it will really appeal to girls, but there is no reason that boys won't like it too! My guy likes it just fine, there is nothing super girly about it at all. It's a really cool science tool, and it magnifies things up to 5x, which is pretty awesome! It even has built in LED lights! Another great extra is the thermometer  where you can chart the water temperature. Then, you also have the activity journal where you can get prompts and activities to do when you need some guidance! 

We have really enjoyed this tool as a part of our lessons. We, of course, tried it out in the bathtub and the pool, which was fun, but not as much fun as using it in a pond! If you use it in the pond, you can see all the little creatures that live in the water! The best part? My guy is learning biology without even knowing it! I love to sneak in lessons like this when the boys don't know that they are really lessons. They think they're just having fun, but as a homeschool mom, every thing we do is a learning opportunity, right? 

This AquaScope has been a great addition for us and we really have enjoyed using it lately! We are even planning on going out in the morning to explore the puddles from the storms we are having right now! How fun! If you think this might be a cool tool for the kiddo in your life, you can buy it here for right around $35.00. Make sure that you are signed up for EI's newsletter, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest too! 

We received a sample product in order to conduct this review, however all opinions are our own. 

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