Monday, November 19, 2012

Hot Gift! Xploderz Blasterz Guns!

Oooh, guys I am excited to tell you about today's hot gift! We are a gun loving, zombie killing family, and up until now our fun has been restricted to just Nerf guns and not much else. So, when the commericals started to appear for Xploderz, we KNEW this was something that our family was going to have to try out! Ok, first of all, maybe I should back up and tell you a little bit about Xploderz.. They are a new type of toy gun that uses "ammo" that grows in water. They are kind of like beads that grow in water. Once you see them you will know what I am talking about! 

Here's a better explanation from Xploderz: 
"H2Grow Technology allows you to make your own ammo! Xploderz ammo starts out as tiny dry beads. With the simple addition of water the ammo swells to more than 100 times its original size. Before you even begin firing you have the added fun of preparing your ammo and watching the amazing transformation into a soft-gel-like round. These rounds fire fast enough to feel on impact yet they are safe and stain-free. No cumbersome protective gear required! They are also good for the environment. Created by the Department of Agriculture to conserve water usage, superabsorbent polymers absorb and release liquid, keeping your lawn hydrated in dry weather. Grow 500 rounds of ammo in your ammo depot, load your ammo clip and get ready for your next battle."

First of all, let's talk about what I love! I love that the ammo isn't dangerous. Even if it gets eaten, (and it hasn't yet thank god!) it's not dangerous, and it won't hurt the environment. I mean heck, they were created to help lawns and gardens! I love that the ammo comes in packs of 500 and 1000. Can I begin to tell you how aggravated I get when we have 8 foam bullets and they get lost within an hour? Sigh.. At least the Xploderz ammo lasts longer! 

Okay, now I can tell you what the boys (dad included) think! Well, let me just say that we started off with the one Blaster that we received to review...And now, there are FOUR more under the tree! Yes, I had to buy one for everyone in the family! These guns are really awesome! And, the ultimate mom test? They don't hurt when someone shoots them at you.. which they always do! I mean, they sting a tiny bit, so I won't let them like shoot each other in the face (You'll shoot your eye out!) or anything like that, but they are not dangerous! I am telling you guys, if your boys (or girls!) like guns, these are a great gift! They will keep them busy for HOURS, I swear! We are so impressed with these guns, they are now a staple in our house! I have to say that I am actually pretty impressed with The Maya Group as a whole, they seem to keep on cranking out toys that my kids love! What a great company! 

If you wanna check out Xploderz, just click here! 

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