Monday, November 19, 2012

Hot Gift! Teething Bling Jewelry By Smart Mom!

All I have to say is thank you Jesus that we are done with teething. As far as my plans go, I shall never deal with babies teething again... until I have grandbabies. But that is a long, long way away. But I have a niece who is struggling with teething issues right now, and I knew that Teething Bling would be a great fit for her! I have been a huge fan of Smart Mom Jewelry since my own babies were teething size, and I absolutely adore their wonderful products! They truly are a "mom centered" company with an amazing backstory. (If you want to read it, head here!)

If you have never heard of teething bling, you are missing out! All moms know that they can't wear jewelry after they have babies, because their babies will pull, tug, tear and pretty much ruin anything they try to wear. So Teething Bling set out to accomplish the impossible! Creating baby friendly jewelry that is also fashionable for moms! They look adorable, and your babies can pull and tug and chew on them as much as they like! The products that Teething Bling has come in all different sorts of colors, shapes and designs, to make sure you get one that is perfect for your personality! 
Perfect for the holidays is their beaded line, which is BRAND NEW! I love these, and I wish I would have gotten to review them, but alas, I was too early!
We did get this great gift set for my niece and her mommy: 

It includes a gorgeous amethyst necklace, and two bracelets, one amethyst and one pearl. LOVE THIS! I know that this will help both my niece and her mommy to deal with the plauges of teething! If you are looking for a great gift  for both baby and mommy, I highly recommend Teething Bling!

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