Thursday, July 19, 2012

Laughing Cat Studio: Perfect Gift Ideas!

You guys know I am always on the lookout for cool, unique gift ideas, and I have found another great company for us! Laughing Cat Studio creates unique, handmade jewelry, gifts and other accessories. They have some really awesome pieces that I am in love with! They have a wide variety of pieces, made with a mix of vintage and modern materials. I think they are fun, eclectic and just plain cool. Best part of all? All the items found at are affordable!! What could be better?? 

I can't wait to show you some of the really cool stuff that I found! 

You know I am a sucker for earrings! Look at these!They are called "The Watcher". They have antique brass dangles, Swarvoski crystals and serpentine beads! And, you wanna know the price? $16.50, y'all! 

And, look at this print! Oh my goodness! Okay, listen to the story behind these prints! Each one is based on a real life actual cat, either a pet or a shelter cat. AND... each print is printed on reclaimed vintage dictionary pages. I LOVE this idea! The price for an awesome, one of a kind gift like this? $18.00! 

I could keep on for days, showing you all of the cool stuff that you can find at Laughing Cat Studio, but then, what would you have to do? Go ahead and go on over and check them out now !

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