Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm Mama Again!

Hey Everybody! 

Hope all of you are doing wonderful! 

I am posting today with some great news!

I am really, really, REALLY excited to announce that after this weekend, I will be becoming a stay at home mom and blogger again! 

This is MAJOR good news for me, as I have hated my yucky deli job for the 11 long months that I have been there, and I was overjoyed when the hubs announced that he wanted to pick up a second job and let me stay home with the boys! 

I am really excited for the extra time at home with the boys, and almost as excited for the extra time with my blog! 

I can't wait to start working again, and I have some really great and exciting things in the works so I hope that all of you stay tuned for the wonderful surprises that await you! 

I also am really excited that I bought my domain today, so I am officially for a whole year! (at least LOL!) I am ready and motivated, and back to be the great blogger that I know I can be! 

Yay, me! :)

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