Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: HALO SleepSack Crib Set!

If you guys have been reading my blog for awhile, you know how much I love HALO and their wonderful baby sleep products! They are truly one of our favorite companies, and create such wonderful products for babies! You might remember them being featured on our blog before when we reviewed their Comfort Luxe PJ's!

We are really excited to tell you guys about the newest product from HALO, the awesome HALO SleepSack Crib Set! 

Here's what HALO has to say about this great new crib set: 

"Designed with whimsical prints, the HALO® SleepSack® Crib Set will help create a beautiful and safe nursery for your little one. The American Academy of Pediatrics and leading safety organizations warn against the use of soft, loose bedding and bumpers in cribs. Instead of potentially dangerous comforters and bumpers, this unique five-piece Safe Sleep Crib Set contains only those things your baby needs to sleep safe and sound from the start: a coordinating HALO SleepSack wearable blanket, SleepSack Swaddle, two soft 100% cotton jersey fitted crib sheets and matching decorative skirt.

Used by hundreds of hospitals nationwide, the HALO SleepSack is the #1 choice of hospitals and parents alike, and a portion of every sale goes to First Candle/SIDS Alliance and the Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths. This all-in-one crib set will give you everything you need for your nursery, and baby, to be as safe as they possibly can be!"

 I was really excited to get to review one of these crib sets for my pregnant friend! I know that all moms want their babies to be safe, but I also know (from experience) that all moms want their babies to have cute, fashionable, beautiful nurseries. Up until now, it simply wasn't possible to have both. You could have a "cute" nursery, with bumper pads, pillows, and comforters, or you could have a "safe" bed, with a plain sheet, or maybe some of those plain "breathable bumper" type thingys. There really wasn't an in-between option. 

But, leave it to HALO to come up with something that would be both fashionable and safe! These new SleepSack Crib Sets are absolutely adorable! I LOVE the crib skirts, they are adorable! They really set off the whole set! I also really like the fact that TWO crib sheets are included. That makes it easy to wash one and still have a matching one for the crib. The cotton jersey material is also really soft, and you can tell it would be super comfy for a baby to sleep on! And of course, you can't forget the SleepSack Swaddle, and the Wearable Blanket. I mean, those two products are great on their own, but when you put them in the crib set, it truly is everything you would need to complete a crib set!

We received the Friendly Caterpillar set, since we don't know if my friend is having a boy or a girl. I really like that HALO has made two wonderful neutral crib sets, so even if you don't know your baby's sex, you can set up a wonderful nursery!

I would like to say that I am surprised, or impressed by the quality of the HALO SleepSack Crib Set, but really, we have come to expect nothing but the best from this brand! They really are committed to making the finest products, and it shows! They are a wonderful company, and they donate a portion of all of their profits to First Candle/SIDS Alliance and The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths. They truly are committed to keeping babies safe! 

These crib sets retail for $115.00, and you can find them here if you would like to order!

We received a sample product in order to conduct this review. Although we received a sample product, all opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was received.

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