Saturday, March 10, 2012

Today, A Message For You From YouAppi!

Our iPAD application YouAppi is providing mobile users with relevant, custom and intelligent app recommendations based on the user's "mobile lifestyle": mobile habits and interests generated from several data points regarding the individual user. This powerful recommendation engine introduces mobile apps that users did not know existed and stimulates interest and engagement in new mobile apps.

"With millions of mobile apps available in the market on iPhones, iPads and Android devices, users need a simple tool that is easy to use and meets their unique interests. There are tens of thousands of fantastic apps that go undiscovered, while a fortunate few continue to dominate the various app stores. YouAppi technology has the potential to save mobile apps and mobile app users from this unnecessary monotony."

YouAppi matching engine provides a system and method for characterizing and quantifying a person's interests using a computing algorithm to assign certain lifestyle characteristics and a numerical value to the importance of a particular lifestyle trait. The engine evaluates the usage history of every mobile app by each individual user to evaluate the user's interests. The engine then uses the data to develop a dynamic digital portrait of the user in order to recommend other applications.
You can download our application from the app store on your iPAD, called YouAppi

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