Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I know that girls are supposed to dream about wedding dresses or something. But I am the girl who dreams about kitchens. Seriously. Weird? Maybe, but true.

I recently discovered a kitchen design company called AKD (Artistic Kitchen Designs), and they have some kitchen designs that seriously made me drool...

Take a look at these:

I mean, they have designs for all types of kitchens. 

I would have to say that my favorite type of kitchen design is the transitional kitchen, which combines design aspects of old and new. Traditional, yet modern. I really love the fact that you can take any kind of stance that you want with a transitional kitchen. There really aren't many rules.

Another great type of kitchen design options that they have are green kitchens. Everyone is eco friendly these days, and I for one would love to be able to have a "green" kitchen and incorporate some cork or bamboo flooring. How cool!

So, if you are looking for a green kitchen design, an art deco kitchen design, or even something really traditional or modern, I encourage you guys to check out this site, you will really love it!

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