Thursday, February 23, 2012

Money, Money, Money. 

Everybody is always looking for money. 

When money is just in too short of a supply, it is easy to think about getting a loan. 

Personally, we are saving up now to save up enough money for a down payment on a  new house. 

Then we will have to look into getting a home loan. 

I don't really have any clue about loans, but I have been trying to learn. 

Pretty much, it confuses me. . Home loans, Personal loans, Payday Loans, etc.. 

I tried to get some more information about different types of loans, but even THAT was confusing! 

I have had a few times that I have needed to get a pay day loan, but that is just about the extent of my loan knowledge. 

I found a few websites that gave me a little more information about loans, for example, a great UK PayDay Loans website, so I feel a little more comfortable if I need to get a loan.

What about you guys??

Do you have any experience with PayDay Loans? Personal Loans? Home Loans?

I would love to hear your experiences, just tell me in the comments! 

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