Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Think We Need Something Like This!

I have to say, in my opinion, the hardest part of being a mom, is being a working mom. There is just so much that goes along with it. The mom guilt is killer. Not to mention, finding childcare, working your schedule around your kid's schedule, etc. Not to mention, what do you do when they are sick? Or they have a field trip that you really want to go to? Especially when you can't really afford to take off work? It's never ending! 

I recently came across this great site for working moms in the UK. The site is  
and I really wish we had something like this in the USA. Do we, and I am just missing it? This is a great site, that not only allows working moms to find jobs, connect and network, but also offers career and family advice and support, interview and job search tips, etc. I mean really, how great to find all of this in one place! 

I would love to have something like this here in my state. Sometimes being a working mom is so all-consuming, it can really get me down and cause me to second guess all the decisions that I was so sure about! I am really happy that working moms in the UK have a great resource like this to help them out!

Do any of you American moms know of a resource like this for us?

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