Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Fashion: Time for Comfy Jammies!

One of my favorite things about Fall is breaking out the warm, cozy jammies! I love sweatpants, and hoodies, fuzzy slippers and bathrobes. I just can't get enough of them! It doesn't matter if I am laying on the couch watching a good movie, or outside at a bonfire or pumpkin patch, you can always find me in my "Fall Fuzzies" as soon as the leaves start to change! 

I am looking to branch out this year and expand my cozy wardrobe. I have been thinking about getting some dressing gowns, like the one pictured above. I love how it is cozy, but still sexy. The same can not be said about my men's $5.00 sweatpants! I have also been wanting to get some long nightgowns. They are so cute, I can just picture myself wearing some sweater socks and drinking a hot chocolate when I see something like this: 

Ahh! It always makes me think of Christmas for some reason.. Sitting around in one of these watching the babies open gifts.. I just can't wait for the holidays! I'm curious to know, do you guys have special jammies for Fall and Winter, or do you just wear the same things year round? I love my flannels, my sweatpants, my hoodies! I do really love Summer and flip flops and hot weather too, but it always makes it a little easier to say goodbye when you have such great stuff to look forward to! 

What is your favorite Fall/Winter fashion piece?

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