Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our First Sleepover (attempt).

Today was a big day in my life. I officially realized something.

I am THAT mom.

I know, right? I am as surprised as you are!

Today was Tater's first attempt to spend the night at a friend's house.

It was also the first time that Tater has ever spent the night away from me, besides when I had The Bean.

He went to school, then rode the bus home with his little friend.

He was supposed to spend the night, and then go to school the next day. So, I wouldn't see him from 7:30 AM on Tuesday to around 12 pm on Wednesday. 

That would be the longest I had ever gone without seeing him in his entire life.

And so today, I realized I am THAT mom. 

I was extremely miserable. I missed him like crazy.

I was bored. I was lonely. I felt like a little lost puppy.

I thought I would enjoy myself.

I thought I would relax. I thought I would love it.

But I hated it.

Every. Single. Minute.

The hubs was working a double, so it was just me and The Bean.

Which was nice, in a way. That little Bean never gets any one-on-one.

We laughed and talked and played a lot.

But I missed my  big buddy.

Lucky for me, around 7pm, the phone rang.

My Tater was homesick.

He wanted me to come get him.

It was bath/pj time, and I guess the reality of spending the night sunk in, and he was too scared.

He missed his mommy.

And I have never been happier.

So tell me, how old were your kids when they first spent the night away from home? And did it work out as planned?

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  1. Awww!!! My 3.5 yr old daughter has not slept over at a friend's house yet....Grandma's yes, her cousin's yes......but not a friend. I'd be all nerves and worries too LOL

    Glad it went well and he had a good time!


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