Monday, March 28, 2011

My Favorite Thing About Easter!

Wow, I can't believe it really is almost time for Easter!I don't know about where you are, but here it is still cold, sleety, gray and nasty.

I am so glad that Spring is here, but it just doesn't seem like it's time! 

This year is a special Easter for us, it falls on Tater's fifth birthday, so it will be a very special day in our house! I can't believe that my first baby will be a real live kindergartner!

That is definitely going to be my favorite thing about Easter this year, having a whole day to spend with my boys, with no work for either one of us. 

We hardly ever have time together, so it is really a big deal when neither one of us has to work! They have pretty much started to consider it a holiday when we are all home together!

I am not really sure if it is a good thing or not, but holidays are so important to me. I always go all out, and I think it's because the boys really don't have any family besides me and their daddy.

I always try to make birthdays, holidays, anything, really special for them. I hate to think that they missed out on anything just because we don't have a big extended family.

Aside from our big boy's special day, I really love Easter as a whole. 

I really like picking out things for the boy's Easter baskets. I can almost see their little faces light up when I am picking out the goodies to stuff in their baskets! 

Of course, coloring eggs is one of everyone's favorite parts about Easter. It is really special now that we have both of the boys. Messy, but special.

I don't know what it is, but something about sitting down at a kitchen table covered in newspaper and coffee cups with food coloring in them, it just takes me back to my childhood. 

I can remember doing the exact same thing with my parents. It's so weird. 

I guess I have a lot of different favorite things about Easter. There's just so much promise in the air, the beginning of Spring, and a whole new season. 

So many things to do outside, it's wonderful. Easter for me is just the start of playing outside, spending time together, flowers, trees, all that fun stuff!

I can't wait for Easter, it's almost here!

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