Friday, March 18, 2011

Can't Believe My Baby's Almost ONE!!

Well, it's almost time for my big boy to turn one! 

I can't believe it!

Along with the happiness of him turning one, comes all the bad parts.

It's time to go off the bottle. Time to go on the sippy cup, and on regular milk instead of formula. We have tried a sippy cup a few times in the past, but only the kinds with the hard plastic spout. He does NOT like those! So we will have to find some of the ones with the soft spout to get him started. Yay.
It's time to get rid of the paci. This will definitley be a struggle for this big guy. He loves his paci. With Tater, we threw all of our pacis out in the backyard for the "meows" (baby kittens that lived outside that he was obsessed with!) I guess the best way to handle it with this guy will just be to go cold turkey and deal with it.

It's time to stop the baby food, and move on to real food. He LOVES baby food, so we shall see how this works. He is already eating a tiny bit of real food, cheerios, crackers, mashed potatoes, etc. but I guess it's almost time to switch only to "real" food.

It's time to start working on talking. I feel like Tater talked a lot more when he was a baby, but maybe I'm just crazy. Also, Tater had all the attention, and all the time for us to work with him. He also went to daycare and was around all those other kids who were already talking. The Bean babbles a lot, and says "mama", "dada" "hi", and "bye", but that's about it. It's really time to get to working on that with him.
Shew, I can't believe he's getting ready to turn one, and I have all this work to do lol!

Do you guys have any tips for me on weaning him off the bottle? Getting rid of the Paci? Switching to "real" food? Working on talking more? I would love to hear what you guys recommend!

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