Monday, January 3, 2011

Calling all my Creative Readers!

As many of you know, my best friend Crystal is getting ready to have her first baby (a girl!!!) in April. I am throwing her a baby shower the end of Feb. I am ready to start all my planning, and am looking for ideas to make this the best baby shower EVER! 

I know a lot of you are super creative and this is why I need you! Comment or email me ( and tell me your baby shower tips, tricks, ideas, whatever. I would also love to see pics if you guys want to email those to me too! 

I am so excited about this, but also a little nervous! This is the first time I've tried to pull off something like this by myself.. so HELP! Thanks guys!


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  2. at a baby shower i went to they filled plastic baby bottles with candy,and tied a note around it that said thank you for enjoying this special day with us.everyone took one home.that was real cute.also for games it was fun they bought a big thing of like streamer ribbon and we all told the main lady wear to cut it off with scissors.of how we thought it would go around the moms to be stomach.some were way off,some were real close.whoever came the closeest won a gift that was wrapped was a fun game.also if you got anyone to say the word baby they had to give there clothes pin up.whoever had the most at the end won a gift.just in talking whoever was around you,you wanted them to say the word baby so you could get there clothes was fun.and there was baby trivia cards throughout the time the main lady would read off a card they made up that had baby questions on it.have fun at the baby shower.and congratulations to the new mom.thanks shelly

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