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Holiday Gift Guide! Screenlife Games: Rudolph Edition

I'm really excited to tell you guys about this game! It's from Screenlife games, makers of the wonderful Scene It! DVD games, and it is everyone's favorite classic Christmas show, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer! This was always my favorite TV Christmas Special when I was growing up and I was really excited to share it with Tater this year!

Here's what Screenlife games has to say about the Rudolph game: 

(heehee, about their "reindeer game" bahahaaha.. I am such a dork.)

The Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer  DVD Game takes you and your family to the North Pole where your mission is to gather all the misfit toys that have been scattered all over due the horrible winter storm! While the main objective is to search and find these toys, there is a catch. You must find at least three different colored toys before the Abominable Snow Man (Bumble) finds and collects six toys on his own. Find your toys before he finds his, and you win!!! The concept is simple and makes it easy for children aged six years old and older to play! What is unique about this game is that it combines a board game with the interaction of a DVD game.  The DVD interaction will allow you to solve puzzles such as movie trivia (straight from the original Rudolph cartoon), concentration, sing-a-longs, sorting games and many more. As you play along, the DVD game will tell you what Bumble is up to and how close he is to finding all the misfit toys. Pay close attention and use a bit of strategy to get all your toys before he gets his, while exploring the different regions of the North Pole!! When Bumble steals a toy, it goes back to the Island of Misfit toys and your player's token gets moved back to the beginning, so BEWARE OF THAT BUMBLE!!!

Contents include the following:

  • One game DVD
  • One game board
  • 4 Player Movers including Rudolph, Hermey, Clarice and Santa Claus
  • One Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster Mover
  • 5 Mover Stands
  • 20 Toy Tokens
  • 1 Die

I couldn't wait to play this game with Tater. I love, love, loved this movie when I was little, and I was sure he would too. I was really excited to introduce him to Hermey, Clarice, Rudolph, and everyone else.

This is where the trouble began.

As soon as we tried setting up the game board, Tater ran screaming from the room.

It took me a few minutes to figure out what the hell was wrong with him.

Bumble, that's what.

Umm, that looks like a smile to me.

But, apparently not.

Tater was petrified of Bumble.

The kid that loves Call Of Duty, Zombies, Monsters, etc.

I mean really?

Not Scary.

But anyways, I had to hide Bumble for the first round of the game. Which made it kind of weird to play since the point is that Bumble is stealing toys.

But, thankfully, after playing the first round and watching the clips on the dvd, he came to the conclusion that Bumble really wasn't all that scary after all. (I mean, he IS smiling....)

So, we could continue playing normally after that.

I really enjoyed this game, and Tater was mesmerized that we could be playing a board game and using the DVD player at the same time. He really thought the narrator on the game knew what we were doing. He would say "pass the remote to the next player", and Tater would say "That's me, mom, he says give it to me!" It was really funny.

He really had fun playing this game, and I am looking forward to next year when perhaps he will be able to answer all the questions, and really "get" what the game is all about.

But, I really enjoyed showing him all my favorite characters, and now he is even asking to watch the real Rudolph movie more and more, so, that is totally okay with me!

Thanks so much Screenlife Games, for letting us add this game to our Holiday Traditions!

disclosure: i was provided with a sample product in order to conduct this review. all opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was given. Although my child was afraid, I think Bumble the Snow Monster is adorable.

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  1. OK, I am cracking up that you son plays Call of Duty but was terrified of Bumble! That's too funny!


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