Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: One World Futbol

This is a really wonderful product that I am going to tell you guys about today. The story behind it really touched my heart, and I was so excited to work with this company on a review. 

The One World Futbol Company was created by an inventor/music producer/songwriter named Tim Jahnigen after watching a CNN piece featuring Darfur refugees playing soccer (futbol) with a ball made up of trash and twine, much like this one: 
He wondered why they didn't have a regular soccer ball. Was it because they just simply had never had one? Or was their environment simply too harsh for a regular ball, and they had become deflated or punctured and they had to resort to making a ball out of trash just to have some entertainment? That's where his brilliant idea took place. The idea to create a different kind of "futbol", one that would never go flat, never wear out, and never need a pump. A ball that these people could use forever. 

His wonderful idea, was just that, an idea, until a chance conversation with Sting. (Please show me one single person in the world who does not LOVE Sting. He is wonderful!) Sting, being wonderful, offered to donate the money needed to get this idea up and running, and the rest is history. The name, "One World Futbol", is based on the song "One World", by Sting.
This soccer ball really is something else. It doesn't require a pump, and it will never go flat even if punctured. It can be used anywhere: grass, concrete, blacktop, a beach, a rocky field. It doesn't matter. They also have this fabulous Give One, Get One program, where for every ball you purchase, a second ball will be sent to a community in need. 

I love the idea behind this ball! We were sent a One World Futbol to try out, and I was very impressed!  Tater has owned a couple of little soccer balls before, and lots of those little inflatable balls from the dollar store, and hundreds and hundreds of nerf balls. Needless to say, none of those are around anymore, they always bust, break, fall apart, get chewed on by a dog, etc.. I really don't think I have to worry about any of that with this ball! It is so sturdy, I wasn't even afraid to let Tater and the dog play with it together. (This is usually where all balls die.) Tater and Daddy even took it outside in the snow ice that we have right now (that won't go away), and it is still perfectly fine. I am really happy with this ball, and I think it might end up being the one and only toy that will last long enough for BOTH of my boys to play with! 

Thanks, One World Futbol, for letting me try out this wonderful product!

For more information on the One World Futbol, click here!

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