Saturday, October 9, 2010

WATAAH!! Review

I recently had the opportunity to review WATAAH! I love this product and the fact that it's simplicity is what makes it so great! 

Wataah was created by a mom who was tired of her kids drinking sugary drinks all the time. This is where I can relate! Tater is always asking for pop, to which he hears "no", and then asks for juice, to which he usually hears "no", and finally he will settle for milk or water.

Wataah is 100% sugar free, water. That's it. The fancy schmancy packages were designed by kids to appeal to kids just as much as soda or other sugary drinks. Except it's not soda. It's water :) 

There are four different varieties: 

  • WAT-AAH! Body
    "FEEL SUPAAH!" with the help of pure spring water containing NO sodium, NO chemicals, and absolutely NO sugar!
  • WAT-AAH! Brain
    "THINK SMARTAAH!" thanks to a blend of ultra purified water and kid-friendly electrolytes!
  • WAT-AAH! Bones
    "GROW STRONGAAH!" with the inclusion of bone-building magnesium!
  • WAT-AAH! Energy
    "RUN FASTAAH!" with a fresh burst of energizing oxygen!
What Mama Thinks:  Anything that gets Tater drinking more water is a good thing for me! He loved the bright, fun packaging of WATAAH! and reached for it as soon as I put it in the fridge! He didn't notice if it tasted different than the water he is used to, but I think as long as it was in a cool bottle he would drink it anyway! He really liked it and wouldn't believe me when I told him it was just water. I actually liked his reaction so much that I have refilled the empty bottles with tap water a couple times now and just keep putting them back in the fridge! (sneaky.. haha)

Thanks Waataah! For the chance to try such a cool product!

disclosure: I received a sample product in order to facilitate this review. No monetary compensation was given, and all opinions are my own :)

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