Saturday, October 9, 2010

Looking for Someone To Guest Post.

Hi Guys! 

I am looking for someone to guest post for me sometime in the near future. I am wanting to post a step by step guide to entering blog giveaways. 

This is mostly for my non-bloggy friends and family who I am trying to get to start entering giveaways in the blogosphere, but they think it's just too hard. 

I know if they would just enter, and win ONE TIME, they would be HOOKED! 

I think this could be a really useful post for folks that are new to blog giveaways, and trying to figure it all out. 

I have tried several times to write a post about it, but I just can't get it all together, and can't explain things very good in a step by step way. 

Or if you already have posted on this topic, email me and let me know if I can link up to your post! :) 

If you are interested in guest posting about this topic, email me @ burton40444(at) gmail (dot) com and we will chat. :) This will be my first time having a guest post, so I hope I can figure out the details! Thanks ladies :) 

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