Friday, September 3, 2010


Okay people, I am telling you. 

You need to enter these giveaways.
For realskies.

If you don't believe me just ask Amanda over at Mommy's Secret Hideaway. Amanda has just won another giveaway,making her a THREE TIME WINNER, and I have only had 5 so far! So, she can tell you that the odds are pretty good.. 

So you should enter. But if you don't want to, be that way. I'll keep giving prizes to Amanda. I'm sure she won't mind :)
Anyways, I should get on with it. 

The THREE winners of the Soleo Organics Sunscreen, are: 

Charity said...
Right now, my family is out of sun screen. :)

Amanda said...
i have entered the bubble choc giveaway
sy said... i like that it's scent free and natural.
songyueyu at gmail August 20, 2010 6:53 PM
 YAY! And, moving right along.. The winner of the Charm Factory Charm Bracelet is: 

Winkie said...
I would pick the Silver Star bracelet from the Charm Factory. Too cute!
And... the FIVE winners of the Bubble Chocolate Giveaway are:

tristatecruisers said...
entered the creme perfume giveaway :) marci tristatecruisers at yahoo dot com

sy said...
these look tasty *_* i also love m&ms.

Barginmom said...
#3 ~ I posted your giveaway here:

BeaderBubbe said...
Hi Had to follow you your blog too, you have two of my favorite things....chocolate and mommyhood....give me chocolate in any form, but my favorite is a Hershey bar....and I am still looking for the instruction book for I need one for grandmahood too....

Liz said...
I entered the Rattles giveaway
Okay that's it. Damn, that took forever. So, all of you winnie winners have been emailed, and once I hear back from you, your prize will be on it's way !!!! Congrats to you all, and cmon people, keep entering giveaways lol!


  1. lol congratulations to amanda :D thanks for hosting the giveaways.

  2. I like to keep track of my 'winnings' and then at the end of the year reviews all my goodies. :) Maybe that makes me a big dork, but they add up fast and it is amazing how much stuff you can win by entering giveaways. I heart free stuff. Oh and btw you didn't always have that warning at the top of your page did you?! LOL.


  3. No dont enter the giveaways! I am Loving winning! Hahaha JK Thanks Dawn for the great prizes! We love our Rattles CD!(well im getting a little sick of it, but the kids enjoy it!)


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