Friday, September 3, 2010


I need tips for what you guys do when you feel like you're stuck in a rut.Not really blogwise, as much as just life-wise. The monotony is killing me. I feel kind of like a robot. I know that a lot of moms have trouble with this, and I thought it would be better once I wasn't staying home all the time. But even though I have gone back to work, I still feel the same. I feel like I need a kick in the ass. Same things, day in, day out, shew it makes me bored just thinking about it. 
I especially need ideas for things I can do with Tater when he's home from school besides him just gravitating towards the video games. I think they are too important to him, so I am working on weaning him off.. But geez, he is so bored with everything else I suggest we do. Mom is just not as awesome as Mario lol.
 New Super Mario Bros
But, if anybody has any fun ideas, throw em at me! 

Enjoy Your Holiday Weekend!


  1. How about something like taking off for the weekend and going camping? That should mix it up a bit. During the weekdays its hard... that ennui can eat you up alive! But maybe going somewhere in the evening... out to eat? to a movie? And for something not involving the baby, how about you go out for a night with the girls? Or wait, even better -- a full day out at the spa!!

  2. Projects. And the messier the better. Make some playdough. Make your own finger paint out of colored pudding and act like you aren't supposed to eat it and eat it and see what he does. :P I just made homemade gift bows (that I will be posting to my blog one of these years. I never remember to take pics while we make them) with my Potata who is a tween and she needed a little help so maybe not ideal for your Tater. Paper mache a baloon. That's messy and fun. Make something simple like a pumpkin for fall. Um, cut up magazines for each letter of the alphabet. My Potata always liked that. Teach him how to run the vacuum. My Punkin loves that. The crayon shaving sun catchers are always easy and fun. Ya know the kind where ya shave crayons onto wax paper and then iron it on super low heat. Make paper airplanes and throw them out a second floor window. Maybe that's not a good idea lol. Like being in the kitchen? Read Green Eggs and Ham and then make green eggs and ham. Sorta easy, but yet fun. Create a small scavenger hunt. Um, I'll keep thinking. :)


  3. love those ideas from Chelle!
    & I agree with Andrea - got to have "me" time!

  4. I got another one! :) Remember Gak from ions ago? I think it was cool when I was in like 5th grade? Here's a recipe to make that and another fun 'slime.' Both unedible. For me time I like to take a bubble bath and turn off the lights and have a candle in each corner of the tub. Just don't burn down the place! That makes me feel totally relaxed. I don't allow anyone to come near the bathroom or I tack on an extra 15 minutes for each interrruption. I know all about monotony being a sahm. Try getting out of the house once a week alone. It's an amazing feeling not having to double check behind you at all times wondering what your children are up to. Not worrying about nap time and dinner time, etc. etc. I love that feeling. I love being a mom, but mom is always on and sometimes needs to recharge her batteries without interruption. Ya know? I don't get out of the house as much as I should either, yet dad does. Hmm. :) Hang in there.



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