Sunday, September 5, 2010

Magic Cabin Review

My boys really need some new toys. The big one is wayyy too into TV and Video Games, and needs more regular old toys that you just "play with". And the little one just plain doesn't have any! So when I had the chance to review toys from Magic Cabin, I was super happy!

Magic Cabin has some of the best kid's toys I've seen. They have toys that are unique and unexpected. But best of all, they have lots of toys that encourage creative play, which is definitely something we need more of in our house! Look at some of the awesome stuff I found while browsing around their site!

There really were more toys than I could ever choose from! I actually had to tell them my favorites and let them pick something for me to review, because I couldn't make up my mind! I honestly think I could buy all of the boys' Christmas from Magic Cabin, and I would be VERY pleased with it! These are exactly the kinds of toys I have been looking for, no batteries required and endless playtime!

We were sent these pieces from the Plan City Collection to review:

Tater was SOOO excited when these came in the mail! This was the absolute perfect choice for him. See, right up the road from us, they have been building a new gas station. Every day for the last six months, he has asked if the new gas station is ready yet, and it just opened up a few weeks ago. He was so excited because now he can be the guys who were building the gas station, and then he can be the guys that work there!

I haven't seen him play for this long with one toy in forever. He laid in the floor with these toys and played for hours. Even when it was time to eat, he wanted to leave them there just the way they were so he could come back to them later. I was so proud! That's what I'm talking about!

I am already loving the Plan City Collection. Everything is made of wood, so I know it is durable and safe. The fact that it is eco-friendly is just an added bonus! Everything is really great quality, nothing like those cheap little plastic cars that he already has. The gas station is absolutely adorable! It has a little car wash with brushes you can turn, and a double sided gas pump that has the little pumps attached so you can actually pretend you are getting gas. It comes with a tanker truck and a little car, so you are ready to play!

He has probably been most impressed with the construction set. He played with it for hours in the floor, and last night he asked me if he could take them outside and dig in the dirt. That is a major thing for Tater, who normally just plays with something for five seconds, and then wants to go right back to TV. I am very very happy with these toys. So much so in fact, I have decided to make this his "big" Christmas gift:

Doesn't that look like a little boy's dream? I am super excited now! 

Big fat thanks to Magic Cabin for providing me with this opportunity!!! 

Get Your Own! To see all of Magic Cabins wonderful toys, just click here.

Disclosure: Magic Cabin provided me with toys to facilitate this review. Although I received a free product, all opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was received.


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