Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Mastering the Art of an Unforgettable Baby Shower On A Budget!

Embarking on the journey of planning a baby shower? Strap in for a delightful ride! Here's your go-to guide for crafting a memorable celebration. Note: Your results may vary, but guaranteed joy for all!

1. Setting the Scene: Choose Your Location Wisely
 Now, onto the essential: Location. Begin your planning early to snag the perfect spot. While we had a last-minute scramble for my baby shower, hosting it at my sister's townhouse turned out to be a cozy and cost-free solution. Pro tip: Start early, explore local parks, friend's backyards, churches, or consult your Chamber of Commerce for budget-friendly options.

2. Decor Delights: Creating a Theme without Breaking the Bank

Decorations can easily devour your budget, but fear not! We scoured the internet for key theme elements and complemented them with dollar store finds. For instance, hang baby clothes on a clothesline for a cute, cost-free decoration. Another tip: fill old baby bottles with water for adorable balloon weights (tint the water for extra charm).

3. Culinary Charms: A Feast for Every Palate

For this food enthusiast, the highlight of any event is the menu! Keep it simple with a variety of snacks like sub sandwiches, dips, veggie trays, and fruit kabobs. Pinterest is a goldmine for exciting ideas. Don't miss our blue ducky punch recipe - a cheap and cheerful hit!

Baby Shower Duck Punch Recipe:

1 bottle Blue Hawaiian Punch
1 Two-Liter Sprite or Seven Up
Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream
Ducks, because why not!
Pour the Sprite and Hawaiian Punch, float ice cream scoops, and add ducks for a whimsical touch. You can switch the punch color for a girl baby shower.

4. Game On: Making Games Actually Enjoyable

Traditionally disliked baby shower games? We've got you covered. We opted for engaging yet non-embarrassing games like the Candy Game, PlayDough Babies, and the Paper Sack Game. Everyone participated enthusiastically without cringing!

5. Etcetera: Diaper Drawing and Beyond

Encourage guests to bring a pack of diapers for a chance to win a prize. It's a win-win – the winner receives a gift card, and you get a diaper stash. No need for additional favors; your guests will appreciate the simplicity.

Final Advice: Embrace the Fun!

The golden rule for your baby shower: Have fun! The people attending are there for you, not to critique your budget choices. Capture moments with photos, cherish the day, and remember: Your joy sets the tone. For information on health during pregnancy or general well-being, explore [here](insert link).


  1. Nice tips! I'll probably share these to my friend who is going to have a baby shower in October. =)

  2. HAHAHA i love :Do not wear this shirt:

    I hate playing stupid games at parties, for my shower i was so blah about the games, they were kinda fun but i knew half the ppl didnt want to be playing, but OMG the playdough game is genius and i wish i would have known about this sooner!!!! what a great idea!!!! and that punch, damn that is adorable to!!! i should have done way more baby shower "research" for mine!!!

  3. These are such good ideas! I will definitely be using them at my next baby shower, whenever that may be!

  4. Thanks I am throwing a party soon for my step daughter and this will help. She is going way overboard on the guest list, wanting to invite almost 100 people. After I trim that down these ideas will be perfect. Thanks.


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