Monday, August 2, 2010

The Things Men Do.

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Ok the above isn't the way I feel. All the time, anyways. But I thought it was cute. I am writing this post because I am always hearing a hilarious story about something somebody's husband, boyfriend, brother, etc. did that was really stupid, but really funny.

So, I thought we should have a place to jot down these little happy memories, and come back and read them at a time when we are feeling sad, or just like bitches. Whichever.

I will start with the most stupid/hilarious thing I think my hubz has ever done. (I have been thinking on this for days. Choosing was harder than picking a winner for American Idol, but I think I have it. )

Last year, my husband got poison ivy. On his MAN PARTS. (or "Ugly Word", as Tater calls it.)

You may laugh now. Hysterically. He's not here, he won't know :)

Apparently, when we were cleaning out our shed, my husband got poison ivy. Which, in and of itself, isn't a very big deal. Happens to everybody.

But of course, being a man, he apparently couldn't go five minutes without scratching, touching, adjusting (Whatever.) his junk. And viola, poison ivy penis. Yeehaw!

So, my hubs went to the ER. For this condition. And had to let the doctor take a gander. And say, yep, poison ivy.

I still chuckle just to think about this story.

Okay ladies, give it to me: Stupid and/or hilarious husband stories. Doesn't even have to be husbands. Just boys. Cause they're dumber than us ;) This will make our Monday much more fun! xoxoxo :)


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  5. LOL @ the poison ivy!
    The postcard-picture thing is very cute and funny too :)

  6. Hahaha I can't think of anything super funny that my boy has done although he does sleep walk all the time... that usually gives us a laugh or two! The last sleep walking incident he walked up to the wall stood there for several minutes then walked back to bed looked me in the eyes and said "the door wont open" then crawled back in to bed!!!

    BTW thanks for the follow... following you back!

  7. Too funny. My hubby does some goofy stuff to. Once he needed to fix a light outside and wasn't tall enough. Before I knew it he was climbing up on the kids trike right on to the handle bars, gee what do you think happened next. Yeppers he and the trike hit the ground.

  8. That is funny! I can only imagine if my husband did this....I don't think I would stop laughing!!

    I'm your newest follower to your cute blog! :)

    Have a great day!


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