Thursday, August 12, 2010

*Bondi Bands Review*

Okay guys, so I discovered this awesome site called Bondi Bands. They make headbands, all sorts of headbands... They have stuff for babies, kids, dogs, guys and girls. I even found the most awesome thing I have ever seen. Are you ready?
Do you see what this is!!!?? It is a PIGTAIL HAT! I am totally getting this for Winter! I am so in love with this site, I can't stop finding awesome stuff! 

Rebecca @ Bondi Bands was sweet enough to send me two bands to try out. Unfortunatley, one of them has been claimed by Tater, who is now asleep, wearing his hot pink "MOM" headband. I wish to God I had a video camera so I could have posted a video earlier of him wearing his Bondi Band and teaching me to Zumba in the living room! Good times!

I was lucky enough to get to keep one of the bands! It is super cute, stretchy and breathable.I actually think I could work out in it, (if I ever work out again, besides that one time!) and not sweat to death. But for now, it's going to be my house cleaning headband. :) I am not feeling like taking a picture of me in it right now, but I am going to show you some of the super cute designs that they have on the Bondi Bands site: 

How can you possibly choose?? These headbands make me want to work out! I will be the super coolest girl at Zumba if I ever go back! Thanks Bondi Bands for letting me try these awesome headbands!

GET YOUR OWN! To get your own Bondi Bands, (starting at around $8.00), simply click here. :)
Disclosure of a small size: I was not compensated for this review. Bondi Bands sent me two bands to facilitate my review and that was all my dears. :)

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  1. Thanks for the review...I've been thinking about buying one of these after reading about them. I'm just afriad they might fall off because it seem like every other headband I buy does!


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