Friday, July 9, 2010

Review: Crown Spray Power

As a mom of two boys, a husband and a dog, I am a professional mess-cleaner. I know that there always has to be at least one bottle of cleaning solution in my house at all times. There is no way plain old soap and water will clean up the messes around here!
I was so excited to find CROWN Spray Power All Purpose Cleaner. I actually discovered this cleaner on accident. We were at Walmart, of course, and both boys were having massive Walmart breakdowns (you guys know what I'm talkin' about!) and my sweet hubs was just oblivious to it all, casually asking "how much longer?" So, I ran down the cleaning aisle and grabbed the cheapest bottle of cleaner I saw. I was just lucky enough that it happened to be Spray Power.
The price would have to be my first attraction, only $2.12 at my local Walmart for a 32oz bottle. You can't beat that, and I am such a cheapie that I am always attracted to a nice sturdy spray bottle that I can rinse out and reuse for something else, so that was an added bonus!
This cleaner seriously does everything! I have become addicted to it, and we always have it around now. I loveeeee the fact that I can clean the counters and sink with it, then move on to the bathroom and clean the tub and toilet, spray some on laundry stains, then on to the boys room for crayon marks and such. It literally gets used in every single room in our house. The bottle actually has a giant list of uses for Spray Power listed on the back, including:
• grease
• fingerprints
• cooking stains
• crayon marks
• lipstick marks
• old wax
• ink
• heel and scuff marks
• road film
• pencil marks
• fresh paint
• rubber tires
• floor mats
• walls/floors
• sinks
• smoke deposits (i can vouch for this one- it works great on smoke stains!)
• formica
• tools
• toys
• trailers, RVs
• leather goods
• car interiors
• vinyl tops
• garbage pails
• light rust
• cookware
• synthetic carpet
• outdoor furniture
• oil based paint
• synthetic fabrics
• fiberglass boats
• woodwork
• mildew stains
I mean really, have you ever heard of such a versitile cleaner? And Crown must be a company after my own heart, since it says on the directions "can be diluted for additional economy when cleaning lightly soiled surfaces." Ahh, those are beautiful words!
Another thing I like about Spray Power is that is made close to (my) home, in Nicholasville, Kentucky by Crown Marketing, Inc. Hurray for local companies! :)
I highly reccommend Spray Power to all mommies (and daddies) with messes like mine! If you can't find Spray Power at a Walmart in your area, you can contact Crown Marketing at 800-827-2364 or go to Get some today and enjoy the "ALL- purpose multi-surface cleaner that makes dirt CRY!"
Disclaimer: Crown Marketing and/or Spray Power did not compensate me in any way for this review, i just am a fan of this cleaner! 


  1. Sorry don't know if this page is still valid but need to know if it's safe on colors? (laundry)

    1. It is safe for colors, it is the only thing I use for cleaning carpets and laundry stains :)

  2. looking for something to take off mold on my vynil boat seats. do you think this would work?


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