Sunday, January 13, 2013

Local Review: Air Time Inflatables

This is a review I have been meaning to do for awhile, but I got sidetracked having babies and what not :)

Tater's 4th birthday was the end of April, and I had been searching for a good and affordable place to have his party. I knew that this would be his last birthday as an only child, so I wanted to do my best to make it an awesome party for him :) I was pretty set on having an inflatables party, so that's where all my research went...

I was shocked to find out how expensive this crap was. All the places I checked out were big, fancy inflatables party places, with parties for 8 kids running in the $300.00 range with no outside food or drink allowed. This, was not going to fly.

Much to my excitement, I came across the website for Air Time by accident. I have never been so happy to see anything in my life! The parties were so cheap, I couldn't believe it! We're talking under $200 for a party of UP TO 24 KIDS! This included 45 minutes in the party room for cake, ice cream, presents, whatever, followed by an hour and 15 minutes in the inflatables room. I was so thrilled to find what I had been looking for, I didn't hesitate to give them a call!

It just kept getting better from there, as I learned that we could bring any outside food or drink that we wanted, not just cake like all the other inflatables places had said. We could bring pizza, drinks, anything! Grown ups were also permitted, (encouraged even!) to play on the inflatables with the kids! I had never had any other place tell me that! The inflatables were top of the line,and they said they have so many, that they constantly switch them out so no party is the same twice! And my personal favorite part, weekend parties were PRIVATE! No hundreds of kids running around like we experienced at Tater's 3rd birthday at Chuck E Cheese! The most you will even see other people who are having parties is a 15 minute interval where one party is leaving/one party is arriving! That's it! I was sold!

Tater's party was great, went off without a hitch! It was by far the best birthday he has ever had! The only downfall to his party was that there were so many adults, we all didn't really fit into the party room, and it was kind of claustrophobic in there with so many people. But I would plan for that next time, and ask for the bigger party room . There were probably 7 or 8 giant inflatables, and everyone loved them! I said more than once that the grown ups had as much fun as the kids!

So, I wholeheartedly recommend Air Time Inflatables for anyone looking for a clean, nice, affordable place to have your kid's birthday party. They are located at 108 Bradley Drive, in Nicholasville. It's across from Kohls, behind the Subaru Dealership. You can contact them at (859) 885-3831 or check out their website at Happy Jumping!

Disclosure: We were given a media discount for choosing to have our party at Air Time Inflatables, however all thoughts and opinons are 100% my own. 


  1. What a great place! My kids haven't been to an inflatable party place in a long time! I need to take them to this kind of place soon since it's so rainy and nasty outside!

  2. That is a great price for so many kids. I know my kids love jumping on inflatables!


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