Monday, June 13, 2011

Kroger +CoverGirl= Great Deals & Happy Mommy!

Thank you to Kroger and CoverGirl for sponsoring this review. While CoverGirl provided me with a $30 gift card to purchase CoverGirl products at Kroger stores, the opinions I've expressed here are solely my own, represent my honest viewpoint, and not that of CoverGirl, Kroger, or Proctor & Gamble. I am making no claims about the products, just expressing my thoughtful opinion. Clever Girls Collective supports Blog With Integrity.
Okay guys, I love love love Kroger for groceries. My Kroger is the closest grocery to my house, about 15 minutes away. I love that they double coupons. I love that you can use e-coupons. I love that they have good sales, quality products, etc. However, I usually just shop at my Kroger store for groceries. 

Well, not anymore! 
Ahh! I hate pictures of myself on the blog! But I did it anyway! 

I was given a gift that I can only describe as a dream! I received a $30.00 Kroger gift card to use on CoverGirl cosmetics at Kroger! I was so excited to get to participate in this campaign! I literally haven't bought makeup in years! (I know, I know, that's horrible, but true!) I was absolutely over the moon to be able to spend this entire gift card on ME! No toys, no candy, no snacks for the hubs, not even any dog food! Only girlie fun for meeee! Ahhh... Bliss!

I was a bit skeptical at first. I mean really, how far would $30.00 for makeup go at a grocery store? Don't they only have good deals on groceries?  Surely everything in the cosmetics department would be overpriced, and I wouldn't make it out of there with much more than a lipstick and a nail polish.... 

Boy was I ever wrong! 

I got a tinted moisturizer, which I have NEEDED to be using forever, a loose powder, a new mascara, TWO new eyeshadow quads and a LipSlicks tinted lip balm! How freaking exciting!

I got to throw away all my old junky makeup! I am so happy! I can't believe that I got all this great stuff at Kroger for only $30.00! Thanks so much Kroger and CoverGirl!

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