Saturday, July 18, 2020

Dating In The Time Of Corona: Creativity Rules

As a married mom of three who already worked from home and is an introvert by nature, I find that my daily routines haven't changed very much in the times of quarantine and Coronavirus. I am lucky in that regard, and my life has pretty much stayed the same, other than not being able to find toilet paper or chicken at the grocery store from time to time. I can't help but wonder about others who find that almost every aspect of their lives has been upturned by the onset of Covid-19.

One aspect of life in quarantine that not many people think about is dating. For singles out there who normally spent their weekends hitting up clubs and bars, going to the gym and mingling around at the mall looking for that special someone, life is no longer normal. Online dating, which used to have this huge stigma attached to it, has become the norm, and in this time that we are living in, has actually become the preferred way of connecting with others. It's crazy to think about! The options that we have to stay connected in this day and age is really something else and technology has really given us the ability to continue our lives relatively normally during an incredibly difficult time in the world.

Video calling, instant messaging, and "zoom dating" have become the norm when it comes to dating and singles connecting with other singles. Social distancing guidelines have made online dating the option of choice and it's actually pretty cool that we live in a time where this is possible at all. Singles who are looking for someone to chat with or an "online hookup" have tons of options available with online dating sites like The options are really endless, and there is no reason for singles who are looking for love to have to put that on hold due to the crazy time that is 2020. I am VERY glad that I am not back in the dating game at age 34, but I can't help but wonder what it would have been like if things like online dating, virtual dates and video chatting with other singles would have been a "thing" in my single days. It is definitely a very different idea to me compared to how we dated the "old school" way when I was in my teens!

I mean really, the bottom line is that whether you are looking for an online group to chat with other singles about your favorite recipes, an adult dating site, or simply someone to talk to and help to forget reality for awhile, there is no shortage of options available! While online dating, dating in general, and heck, just everyday normal life might be looking a little bit different these days, love stops for no one and no pandemic! If you are single and ready to (virtually) mingle, get out there (online of course!) and find yourself somebody to love! Happy Love Hunting!

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Ex Forces: How To Spend Your Time

Ex forces - how to spend your time

When it comes to the armed forces, people join up for a variety of reasons. To give back to the country they love. To lead a long and meaningful career that they and their family can be proud of. And, quite frankly, for the excitement of seeing the world and making a difference, all the while making friends that will stay with you for a lifetime. 

Then, there are reasons for leaving the armed forces. Which can be an even longer list. Among the main reasons are wishing to settle down and start a family and being home to watch the children grow up. Another main reason is poor health, both in terms of minor issues such as bone or muscular complaints, or more major issues that rule you out of continuing your duties (for example, see getting veterans (VA) disability for heart conditions). 

Whatever your reasons for joining up, and whatever your reasons for leaving, the fact is that you now have time on your hands. A lot of time. And you may be wondering what you’re supposed to do with it.


Depending on your age, you may wish to consider retraining in another career. This is actually easier than it sounds, with many companies offering veteran schemes - multinational firms got to be where they are today through regimented efforts on the business front, meaning these companies often place a high value on the ‘goal oriented’ personality traits of ex-forces people. 

You don’t just find grit, determination, and problem solving skills everywhere you look for employees, but you sure do stand a higher chance of bringing those qualities into your company if you hire ex forces personnel. Look around at what’s available. You may just find that you have more choice than you thought. 

Become a social media star

There’s a strict two step formula that must be followed to the last detail if you wish to become a social media star. We’ll talk about why you might want to do this in a second, but for now, here’s the secret formula (you may wish to write this down). 

Step 1 - upload whatever content you like
Step 2 - hope for the best

Got that? Good. That’s literally it. Start a social media channel on YouTube or Instagram, for example, and upload text and images or videos about anything you like. It helps if there’s a theme, so if you know about gardening you might want to stick to that, but really there are no rules. Just be you. And if people like you? … There could be mega bucks involved. As in, super mega bucks. Read over the two step process again and think about your angle.

Remember, being retired from one job doesn’t mean you’re retired from all jobs! 


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