Thursday, January 16, 2020

How To Avoid Getting Taken In By Fake News

The phrase "fake news" might be one that you had never heard a few years ago, but now it's everywhere.
Most people probably like to think that they're capable of detecting fake news, but even the smartest and
most careful of us can get taken in by something that's at least partially fabricated. With so much fake
news floating around out there, how can you avoid getting tricked by it?

Get Your News from Multiple Sources

One of the most important things to do if you want to avoid falling for fake news is to get your news from
multiple sources. This is a good idea whether you read something on social media, on a website you've
never heard of before or even from a respectable newspaper. By using a range of resources, you not
only get a good overview of the facts but a range of opinions too.

Be Careful with Social Media

A lot of fake news is spread via social media, often using automatic bots to share it far and wide. If you f
irst come across a story on social media, especially if it links to an obscure website or blog, it always
pays to double-check and see what other sources say. It can be tempting to like or share a post right
away but holding back until you confirm the truth is smart.

Take a Trip to the Library

Where should you go if you want to learn about media literacy and avoiding fake news? Your local library
or university library is the perfect place. You can learn about how to find out the truth, and you have
access to a variety of resources and archives.

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