Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The 3 School Subjects That Can Benefit Our Children’s Lives Beyond Education

You might wonder what your children really do learn in school sometimes. While there's a lot of focus on science (and seemingly pointless mathematical equations) when it comes to the best subjects, in conjunction with the right skills, what should our children know so their life can be richer overall? And, do all schools actually teach these things? Let’s provide some essential skills that all children should know so they will have a better life as a result.

Musical Instruments 
While it was once viewed as the equivalent of drama, media studies, and other seemingly “pointless” subjects, a musical instrument has numerous benefits for any child. A musical instrument is a great way for your child to use both sides of their brain. As well as this, there are links between mathematics and musical skills. Learning to sight-read music, as well as playing songs in a certain key encourage focus and improvisation, these are all aspects that can keep the brain alive. But if you don't have your ability to get your children into music in school there are courses like Piano in 21 Days that can easily start your child on that journey. We need to stop underestimating the power of a musical instrument. It's not the mainstay of the non-academically gifted!

Physical Prowess 
For some inexplicable reason, there is more of a focus on the sedentary aspects of life now. In schools, children are encouraged to use computers more than anything else. But the more time children sit at desks using computers, the more this spills into other aspects of their life. Physical prowess doesn't necessarily need to mean running around for hours on end, but there are things like swimming lessons that can benefit. It's important to get into the habit of encouraging running around, physical activity, and not making it seem stern or boring. We have to remember that children have fun running around, and this is exercise, albeit not in a structured sense.

Home Economics
We've focused on getting our children mentally and physically stronger, that what about emotionally stronger? While in school, home economics is taught, a lot of children don’t view it is a very useful subject. In fact, it’s viewed as something particularly boring! But home economics is something that can be tied in with self-sufficiency and resilience. If your children know how to make a meal themselves, they will become more independent sooner. It's important that our children don't rely on us to do everything for them. And we can encourage our children to make their own food so it demystifies the process. As our children tend to rely on us, as the parents to make food for them, we can start them at a young age by introducing them to the kitchen and preparing something little.

These are things that are taught in schools, but while we can tend to view a lot of the subjects as being seemingly irrelevant, if your school teaches music, as well as physical education, these are the three pillars that our children can use to have a healthy and well-balanced life.

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