Monday, October 7, 2019

New Baby On Board? Read This!

Having a new baby on board is one of the best, and most worrying feelings in the world. When you
first get to take them home from the hospital, you can't help but feel happier than you've ever been
to feel, yet so alone at the same time. A lot of first time parents say that they come to terms with the
whole pregnancy and birthing process, but completely forget to think about the true reality of having a baby at home. So in the first few months, it can truly be overwhelming. So, it's articles
like this that are going to help you out, and that's truly what we intend to do. There's so many
things that you can do to make sure that you're dealing with all of the problems that new
parenthood is going to give you, and we're going to help you with a few of them. All you have to do
is take a few minutes to yourself, have a read, and see what tips you could benefit from. 

The Dreaded Feeding Regime

Feeding is definitely a dreaded regime to try and get into. One night they might wake up a few
times, the next it might be once, and you never seem to be able to establish some sort of routine.
Plus, you'll often find that they're feeding so much, that all you ever seem to be doing is buying
baby formula and showing it down their necks, trying to keep that crying from coming back.
So, one tip we have is to keep the room as dark as possible during the night, and as quiet. Some
parents turn the lights on, start chattering for ages, or turn the TV up load. It creates the illusions
of daytime, meaning they'll be awake for longer, and will probably wake again sooner. After the
first few months, you should be able to establish a good feeding regime, and then it's onto the
dreaded sleep routine, but we won't go into that! 

The Milestones Start At The Beginning

Everyone thinks that the first milestone to look out for are the ones such as crawling, or walking.
When in fact the first milestone starts right at day one. The moment they meet you they're
learning from you, and everything you do they'll pick up on. So think about speaking to them all
of the time, even if it be about silly things like your say. Smiling and laughing at them, putting toys
around them during tummy time, and letting them interact with a number of different things. The
milestones will come in thick and fast if you just focus on what they're learning from you! 

Finding Your Parenting Style 

This is a really important one, and something you'll learn early on. The one parenting style you
need to avoid is the one where you're worried about everything. The slightest sniffle, when
they're toddling around, their teenage years. You have to let them become their own person, and
you have to be that all important support system! 

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