Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How To Make Money Going Minimalist

How to Make Money Going Minimalist

Everyone likes living in an organized and clean space — with cleaning gurus like Marie Kondo rising in popularity,
minimalism has become especially trendy. The idea is simple: only keep in your home what gives you distinct

You don’t need to be a fanatic about it, but sometimes purging your home of things you don’t use anymore can
be beneficial in itself, and it can also net you some extra money on the side. Here are a few tips to help you
make some money reducing the clutter from your home.

Sell Old Valuables

There are reputable stores willing to give you a very good price for valuables such as gold or silver jewelry,
diamonds, high-end watches, and even designer purses. If you have any such things lying around that aren’t
used, and don’t carry important sentimental value for you, consider selling it.

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Make sure that the store you sell to is transparent about market rates. They should be discreet and totally safe,
and never pressure you into selling anything. The longer they’ve been in operation, the better — you can
learn more at Pinto Cash for Gold about how to identify the reliable sellers from the rest. 

Hold a Garage Sale

For items of lesser value, consider doing away with these objects in a way which nets you some pocket money
while also giving these things a second life. It’s also a great way to help people in your community get useful
things inexpensively. 

You can set up a table outside your home or on the lawn in front of your apartment or condo building and
peddle your wares! It’s a nice way to chat with the people of the neighborhood.

Sell Your Old Things Online

Somewhere in the world is a person looking to buy exactly what you are trying to get rid of, and the best way to
find this potential buyer is to look online. There are several very popular marketplace websites that let you post
objects for sale.

Make sure you always represent the nature of what you’re selling accurately. If it’s not in perfect condition,
that’s OK! Just say so. Be deliberate when you make an advertisement for your old things: make sure to show it
in the best light possible, by polishing it up before snapping a photo and, indeed, before putting it up for sale.

You want to avoid a situation where an eager buyer sees the object in person and walks away without buying it,
disappointed, because they thought they were getting something else. This is simply a waste of everybody’s
time. Re-selling in this fashion is important: it may be a very minor action in the scheme of things, but society’s
over-consumption of newly produced goods such as clothing is causing environmental and humanitarian crises.

Clear your house of things you don’t need, and find the method of dispensing with it that best suits you and
the scenario. You’ll feel better with less clutter in your home and more money in your wallet!

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