Monday, July 29, 2019

Personalizing Space In Your Children's Shared Room

Sometimes our kids have to share their bedroom - if you’ve got one too few rooms in your home, or
you need the space for other matters, there’s a good chance you’ve had to move two of your children
in together. Sometimes this living situation works out, but a lot of the time, fights and scraps occur all
the time. Sharing your space is hard to do as a young child, and you feel like you
won’t have any hair left by the time they learn how to loan their toys out! 

Which is why it’s key to personalize the space they do have, to make sure your children still feel like
they’ve got a part of the house to themselves. It’s going to take a little bit of planning, but if it makes
your family just a bit happier, it’s well worth the time and energy! 

Throw a Rug on the Ground

Rugs can be a great way to add a noticeable privacy space - kids respond to colors very well! Get one
for each of your kids, and put them on either side of the room. If one of them goes to sit on the rug, it
means they don’t want to be bothered by the other person they share their room with. 

Create Some Clear Spaces to Keep Their Favorite Toys

Your children might be wonderful at sharing their things already, but for most of us, there comes a
point when we want to keep our possessions to ourselves. If a sibling is playing with a toy that we
own, and we want, an argument is definitely going to erupt!

So be sure to set out clear spaces for toys to be allocated to. This can be done by investing in
personalized wooden toy boxes, according to your children’s tastes, to make sure the items they
love are always in a safe place that they know of. And it helps to ensure there’s a physical boundary
in place as well! 

Set Some Boundaries

Speaking of boundaries, the best thing to do, to make sure the sharing situation works out, is to set
boundaries. These need to be clear enough for your children to understand and follow, and they also
need to be taken seriously by everyone in the house. After all, if you’re just doing a quick tidy at the
end of the day, mistakenly throwing the wrong toy in the wrong toy box might just invalidate the whole

So make sure there’s some lines your kids can’t cross, to stop them from infringing on each other’s
space. It doesn’t have to be an actual physical line down the middle of the room, but it can take shape
in the form of asking before borrowing, staying quiet if a sibling is trying to sleep, and staying away
from each other if they’re upset. 

Personalizing space is something we love as adults, so it’s definitely key to keeping children happy!
Make sure a shared bedroom is still private enough. 

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