Thursday, April 4, 2019

6 Places To See For True Nature Lovers

If you are someone who loves to spend a lot of time outdoors, you might also be keen to turn that into
a travelling excuse. This is easily done, and what it amounts to is one of the most enjoyable and
refreshing ways to see the world. Of course, there is plenty of beautiful nature in this world, and it can
be hard to know where to begin if you want to see as much of it as possible. But it’s good to start
somewhere, and that’s why it is beneficial to have in mind a few key places which you will therefore
be able to visit. To help you draw up such a list, we are going to look at some of the best places in the
world where you can hope to see some beautiful natural sights. Consider any of these for your next
natural destination.


If you love the cold, then it’s definitely a good idea to give the Nordics a try, and in particular you will
want to think about visiting the beautiful country of Finland. Not only can you expect to see a great
amount of snow and ice (if that is your thing), you might even get to see one of the planet’s truly most
incredible natural sight. We are talking, of course, about the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the
Northern Lights. These well-known and immediately recognizable natural lights in the sky are not
always visible, but if you get lucky you might just see them. It’s known to be a breathtaking and
stunning sight, and it’s absolutely the kind of thing that you will want on your bucket list - especially
if you have a thing for the natural world in all its variations. What could be better than sitting in your
igloo and looking up at this marvellous sight?


There are, of course, plenty of places in the US that you might consider if you are keen to get your
nature fix. The American terrain is wild and varied, and you won’t ever feel that there is a shortage
of beautiful natural things to see in this vast country. But one of the most renowned - and rightly so
- of the natural spots in the USA is Yellowstone, the beautiful national park which draws thousands
upon thousands of visitors every year. For such a popular site, it is incredibly well maintained, and
you will still be able to feel as though you are really in the genuine wilderness - because you are.
You can camp under the stars, take guided backpacking tours, or even just spend a day in one
corner of this vast park exploring its many wonders. However you do it, it’s a stunning place which
you can get a lot out of.

Scottish Highlands

The moody and colourful Highlands of Scotland are known the world over for being a well-trodden
romantic path, and that is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy this natural wonder. But whether
you are seeking a romantic couples’ weekend or just a long trek on your own, you will be surrounded
the whole time by some of the most devastatingly beautiful vista in the entire world. Scotland’s natural
scenery has a real breadth of character to it, and a misty historic feel which makes you feel as though
you are walking backwards in time. With many adorable and extremely old towns, cities and villages
to stay in, you will always have somewhere to sleep - and you will usually be able to find a log cabin
with a burning fire for a drink or two, too. It is a world apart from anything else, and is also home to the
Highland cattle - arguably the cutest form of cattle that the world has anywhere.


Greece is going to offer you many natural highlights if you visit it at any time of year, but doing the
traditional tourist thing of visiting the islands in summer is absolutely a fantastic way to see as many
beautiful natural sights as possible. One area in particular which you might want to consider seeing
is Corfu, an incredibly beautiful island which has so many tourists returning year after year, and yet is
able to retain its own character and resist becoming a little Britain or similar. If you do want to see the
sights of Corfu, bear in mind that the best way to really get out in it is to go camping, so make sure
that you consider that if you want to see as much of its nature as you possibly can.


More or less all of Canada is incredible countryside, so we are going to look here at the country as a
whole rather than merely one part of it. Unless you find yourself in a city (which are worth visiting
when you want such an experience) you will almost always be steeped in some of the most
extraordinary natural vista that the world has to offer anywhere. The vast majority of Canada is so
natural and wild that it is not even inhabitable, but that does not mean that you can’t still visit it from
time to time and spend some time in the natural wilds there. You’ll be amazed at the kind of animals
you can come into contact with, and just how easily you can get lost - and, of course, there is a huge
amount of snowy climes should that be what you are seeking too.


Australia is a country the size of a continent, and because of its size you can be sure that there is a
huge amount of natural wonder to see. Of course, it is home to a few particularly well known
natural wonders, such as the Great Barrier Reef and the giant rock of Uluru. But it’s also home to
plenty of varied terrain, including the bush and rainforest, and of course an enormous number of
miles of stunning, breathless beaches. You could spend months in this country just wandering
around and seeing the natural sights, and you would find that to be a pretty enjoyable time.

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