Monday, March 18, 2019

4 Signs You Need a New Furnace

A new furnace is not really a glamorous purchase. They’re expensive and important, but not exactly something you can show off to your friends. Nobody wants to go into the basement to see your new furnace, but, they do important work and keep your family warm all winter long. So, when the time comes to replace one, it’s not something you want to put off. If the time has come for a new one, you can click here to learn more about the types of furnaces and thermostats available today.

 But how do you know for sure when it’s time for a new furnace? Here are 4 telltale signs.

1. It’s Over 15-Years-Old
They say a furnace should last anywhere from 15-20 years. However, with such a long life, the odds are pretty good that you inherited this furnace from your home’s previous owner. You might have no idea how well they took care of it. If you want to find out, you can call an HVAC tech to assess what type of shape it is in.

To maximize your furnace’s lifespan, you need to take care of it. You need to regularly clean it and change the filters. If that’s not being done regularly, and the unit is over a decade old, you more than likely need a new one.

2. Signs of Carbon Monoxide Leaks
Carbon monoxide problems are serious and they often signal it’s time for a new furnace.

The warning signs may show up before your carbon monoxide alarm goes off. If you see rusted pipes or condensation on the windows and walls in the basement, you should have the furnace looked at ASAP. Also, if the flame inside the furnace is yellow instead of blue, that’s bad.

If your carbon monoxide alarm does go off, take action immediately! Get your family and pets out of the house and call the fire department right away!

3. Your Utility Bills are Going Up
There are lots of reasons why your utility bills could be going up. Of course, there are always rate increases, but, if your actual energy usage is considerably higher than it was last year, your furnace could be struggling to heat your home.

A furnace’s efficiency decreases with age, especially if it hasn’t been maintained over the years. Also, today’s models are simply far more energy efficient than the furnaces from 15 years ago. If you want to save more money over the long term, now could be the right time to upgrade.

4. You’re Selling Your Home
You can sell your home faster if you have a new and efficient furnace.

Energy efficient appliances are a big deal to today’s homebuyers, so if you can help them cross that off their list of must-haves, it puts your home at the top of their list.

There is no handy expiration date printed on your furnace. It’s hard to know exactly when it’s time to replace it. But, any of the scenarios above could mean it’s time. Look for the warning signs to make sure you replace your furnace before it quits on you completely.

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