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Maintenance Tips to Improve Your Home’s Value

Maintenance Tips to Improve Your Home’s Value

You love your home and want it to be a warm, inviting space for you and your family to enjoy. But when busy
schedules keep folks moving around and going to and fro, it’s easy to let home maintenance slip to the bottom
of our list of priorities.

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If your pipes burst or a furnace breaks down you won’t hesitate to fix the issue. Think of home maintenance as
being equally important as home repair. The better you are at maintaining it, the smoother things will run and
the value of your home will improve. Check out this info from the pros about taking care of your home and
continue reading this article for important maintenance tips.

Consult with an Expert
You can arrange for an interior designer, realtor, or renovator to visit your home and assess the space. If you’re
looking to sell your home, it’s likely that a realtor will do this as a courtesy but other professionals will likely
charge a consultation fee. They can point out areas that are in need of maintenance or even suggest
renovations that reduce the amount of regular work you put into certain features.

You might notice a persistent frost problem or a possible draft coming through your windows. Without the
help of an expert, you can easily get lost trying to wade through different sources of information about your
household issues.

As they age, windows experience issues such as frame rot and broken seals. You could be letting drafts into your
home that affect your heating bill if the seal around a window is broken. A reliable window provider and
installer like Golden Windows can assess the state of your windows and suggest replacements that best fit your
budget and needs. Maintain your windows in the meantime with regular cleaning, caulking repairs, and
window film to help insulate.

Air Quality
The quality of the air we breathe might not be at the top of our list of household priorities, but it plays a
significant role in our wellbeing and the quality of life. Dust-filled air irritates our lungs and can lead to allergy
development in children. If you’re experiencing headaches and allergy flare-ups, it’s possible that you have an
issue with air quality.

You can improve your home’s air quality by changing the filters in your forced-air heating or cooling system.
It’s important to do this regularly to avoid recirculating dust and airborne irritants.

Regulate Humidity
Having control over the humidity in your home will not only improve your comfort and health, it also reduces
the chances of moisture-related problems like mold in the walls. The ideal relative humidity of your home
corresponds with the temperature outside: the lower the temperature, the lower your home’s relative
humidity should be.

Maintain your home’s humidity by weather-stripping any drafty windows, running a dehumidifier, and
ventilating where appropriate. Make home maintenance a part of your routine and invite the whole family to
participate. Everyone can feel good about contributing to a happy home and your house will look great

Another key factor to consider – is your home’s water softener. While it’s important to make sure your water
softener is running effectively (and take some time to learn about the latest water softeners), it’s more
to make sure your water softener is running properly for the sake of the other appliances in your home.
Make sure yours is up and running, otherwise the cost to replace your current unit is going to greatly
outweighed by the need for new appliances.

Spend the extra time and money to take care of your home. You will be glad you did!


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