Sunday, January 27, 2019

Be The Best Boss

Chances are that if you’re out working then you’re either a boss yourself or you work for one.

Despite the fact there are so many managers at every level out there, it seems that finding a great
boss can be like finding gold dust. Whether you work for someone else or have people under you,
check out our guide to great managerial practice and be a better boss today.
If you work for someone else and they aren’t ticking any of these boxes, it might well be time to
get that resume in shape and think about moving on.

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They know your rights…

…even when you don’t. A great boss will stick up for their employees. This might mean defending
them from senior management and absorbing the blows when mistakes get made, even though
when they didn’t make them. They’ll also have a genuine interest in your health and well-being
as well as with your professional development in your work. Find a boss who knows about the
Family Medical Leave Act and you’ll have someone on your side to defend your rights and support
you when your personal life gets tough.

Loves seeing team members succeed

And importantly does not hog all the limelight themselves. A great boss recognizes that their
team’s success reflects well on everybody not just themselves so having a functional hard working
and inspired team on board is going to play out much better in the long run then a team that is
pitted against each other in competition for that limelight.

This type of boss also knows how important it is get their staff trained up and encourages
employees to go on courses and get the education needed to take their work to the next level.

Has high standards

Let’s face it if your boss was a pushover, you probably wouldn’t have much respect for them.
The fact is that someone who expects more from their team will get more from their team. You
may have to work harder to go that extra mile but knowing that you will be financially and
personally rewarded is what drives you forward. You also know that your boss is working just as
hard as you and not shirking their own responsibilities.

Your boss’ standards also extend to outside work and they expect you to use your work time
efficiently so you don’t have to take work home with you and be firing off emails late into the
night. A great boss respects your lifestyle and knows a well-rested workforce performs better
than those pulling all nighters to meet unrealistic targets.

Whether you’re a boss or an employee learning what motivates yourself or your employees is the
secret to unlocking their motivation and achieving a great reputation as someone everyone wants
to work with.

Your unswerving loyalty to your team and desire to get the very best work out of them is what
drives you forward. If you don’t recognize this in your working life, it’s time to start asking
yourself some serious questions.


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