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Alternative Activities To Consider On Your Next Getaway

When we think of vacations, we tend to think of booking a flight and accommodation package to a
sunny destination where will find ourselves near to beaches, in complexes with pools, and where we
can access luxuries such as all-inclusive food and drink. But it’s important to remember that this isn’t
the only option you have! While it can be extremely relaxing and enjoyable to lounge around and
really relax, you could always consider an alternative form of holiday or even just incorporating an
alternative activity into your excursion at some point or another. These tend to be the kinds of things
that make your get away something to truly remember! So, let’s take a moment to look at a few
different options that are out there. You might end up trying them out and really enjoying them!


Camping might not have sprung to mind at first when you considered different ways to spend your
time away from work and your usual responsibilities. But hear us out. Camping is a great way to get
away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to immerse yourself in nature. Once you’ve chosen a
spot, figured out how to pitch a tent, and managed to create some sort of campfire, you can really let
your hair down and relax. It’s the perfect combination of excitement, adventure, and refreshing change!
Now, this may not be the best idea if you were planning on getting away alone. While few people
would genuinely consider a solo camping trip, it’s still a good idea to point out that it’s best to camp
in a pair or as part of a group. This provides you with a little more safety and security while you are
out in the wilderness. It means that there’s always someone there to have your back and to administer
first aid or call for help if necessary. It’s also good to be familiar with a few pieces of safety information
before you head out into quieter territory. Sure, you’re unlikely to have to pull any serious survival
skills out of the bag during a weekend trip in an approved camping location. But it’s best to be aware
of some basic health and safety information.

Don’t Eat Anything You Didn’t Bring Yourself -
this sounds obvious, but some people do get caught up in nature and end up deciding to forage
for natural matter to eat themselves for the sake of authenticity. But avoid this. Take food with
you and onyl eat this. There’s a good chance you’re not familiar with natural flora and the
difference between something that’s edible and something that’s not can be difficult to spot,
even with guides and google to help.

Always Wear Shoes - you might have taken some sort of mat to roll out outside your tent and
feel comfortable walking on this in socks or bare feet. But avoid taking your shoes off when
outside your tent. There could be sharp rocks, debris, or even things like abandoned fishing
hooks on the ground.

Avoid Crossing Rivers - most rivers have a bridge over them. Use these. It’s difficult to
determine depth and current before getting in.

A Wine Trail

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or you have an occasional glass of red at home, a wine trail can
make an extremely fun addition to your trip. There’s just something really wholesome about traversing
the vineyards that produce this drink that is enjoyed the world over. You can also learn a lot of
intriguing trivia regarding how the wines are made, how different soils affect flavour, and how
region and storage can affect a wine’s value. Companies like offer a
variety of different trails tailored to different tastes and preferences, so make sure to look through
what’s on offer and book in advance in order to ensure that you head out on the best trip to suit
your needs. Whether you’re into cheese and wine, chocolate and wine, or would like your wine
paired with a BBQ, there’s bound to be something that you can incorporate into your trip.

Wildlife Encounters

Heading overseas can see you encounter a host of things that you’ve never encountered or
experienced before. You can cast your eye over landscapes you’d never imagined, you can listen
to languages you will begin to want to understand, you will try foods that excite your palate in ways
your home country’s familiar food no longer does. But one thing that tends to really raise interest
when heading somewhere new is the wildlife that lives there. When you are at home, you get used
to the presence of local fauna. But foreign creatures can conjure up a real sense of intrigue and
excitement in us. Now, if you do want to see some wildlife while you are away, make sure that you
see these creatures in the wild. Every year, the tourism industry makes huge amounts of money from
tourists paying to see captive animals. But this is unjust. These animals do not have any choice and
are exploited. Even if they are kept in seemingly good conditions with good care, they deserve to be
in their natural habitats, rather than being enclosed and having their freedom taken away for the sake
of people looking at them. When it comes down to it, it is an act of cruelty to go to zoos, captive safari
parks, or water parks with marine life. Also avoid attractions that offer you the opportunity to get up
close to large creatures and predators like elephant rides, camel rides, Tiger Temples, and circuses.
These animals do not actively or naturally want to spend time close to humans and in order to get
them to, they are generally abused or sedated in order to be forced into submission. Instead,
encounter animals in their natural environment. Sure, this can be frustrating, as there’s never any
guarantee that you will definitely see the creatures. But if you do, it will be all the more rewarding.
 Some good options include:
*Swimming in areas where dolphins are known to frequent. It is generally best to do this with
an official tour company, as dolphins tend to stay far out, so you will need a boat to get near.
You also need to know that dangerous animals such as sharks don’t frequent the waters.

*Safari. These are particularly popular in Africa, where the wide variety of terrain encourages
encounters with a host of different creatures. From those inhabiting the savannahs to those
inhabiting swampland, desert, and forests.

*Snorkelling and diving are great opportunities to check out beautiful sealife. Depending where
you go, you could encounter turtles, a whole host of fish, corals, and maybe even seals.

*Whale watching is the perfect chance to see nature’s giants where they belong - in the sea.
*Make sure to take a pair of binoculars with you and to prepare to get wet. Whale watching
 boats can often get splashed!


If you don’t mind the cold, you could ditch the hot destinations in favour of a ski trip. While skiing has
always been acknowledged as a great winter sport, it has become an increasingly popular
recreational activity over the past couple of decades - particularly amongst more active individuals.
Skiing can give you feeling of being rewarded, as you pick up a new skill. It also offers an adrenaline
rush to those of us who are seeking a thrill. There’s nothing quite like speeding down a stunning white
expanse of snow! Don’t worry if you’ve never skied before. The majority of retreats make sure to cater
to everyone’s needs. Whether you are a beginner who’s never wore ski boots before or a pro who’s
looking to head down some seriously challenging slopes, there will generally be something to suit you.
Just make sure to conduct a little research into the different places you’re considering checking into.
If you want to try out something a little alternative to skiing, consider snowboarding. This is similar,
but will require a slightly different skill set and different techniques.

Water Sports

If you head to busy and commercial beaches, chances are that there will be some sort of hut offering
water sports equipment or activities. Make sure to head over and check out what they have to offer.
A day otherwise spent lounging on the beach could be brightened up by something as simple as
banana boating, hiring a jet ski, or heading out on a fun float. Just make sure to bear your personal
safety in mind at all times and make sure that the company provide you with a life jacket if you’re
going to be heading out into deep waters.

Sure, it can be nice to stick to routine. But it’s also refreshing to incorporate something a little new
and adventurous into your getaways too! So, consider some of the above options. They could really
make your next vacation one to remember.

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