Monday, October 15, 2018

Surprising Ways To Balance Work And Family As A Busy Mama

Every working mom faces the struggle of how to balance work and family life, and it can be very
stressful for them trying to handle both. They can get guilt feelings over children and not spending
as much time with them as they would like, and then feel guilty about letting their employer down as
well. It is a vicious circle, but one that many moms are placed in because they need the money.

It’s great if you can find a job that fits in with school times, but not everyone is that lucky. Then the
children have to go to afterschool clubs or be collected by a child miner until you, the mom gets home.
 If you are in this situation, remember it does get easier as the kids get older, but that will not help the
way you are feeling right now.

Look At The Seasons

This is not so much the seasons of weather you need to look at but the season for the work you do.
Most industries have times of year when they are busier than others, and that is when you might
have to dedicate more time to your job. In the off seasons, you can give your children priority and
spend some extra time with them. Kids are very adaptable, and as long as they are happy in the
childcare you have provided for them, they will accept that sometimes you have to work longer than

Resist The Urge For Extravagances

If you notice that one of your kids seems to be a bit down, or their behavior has changed, it could be
because they need a bit more attention. That is what they are craving for, and a hug from you and
some time spent with them will do much more good than spending money on extravagances.

See Where Your Time Goes

Just for one week, keep track of everything you do and how long each thing takes you. You may be
surprised at how many things you could do without, and how many others you could do after the
children are in bed. For instance, if you are working on an online engineering management masters
course, wait until your little darlings are asleep. While they are awake, give them your time, and leave
the studying till later.

Look For Satisfaction, Not Balance

There is no getting away from the fact that your work life and family life are entwined, and which you
are doing you should have a feeling of satisfaction, not guilt. You are working for a purpose,
regardless of whether that is because you need the money or you just love your career.

You love your family as well, and spending time with them is important. Very soon, in just a few years
and before you realize it is happening, the children will be grown and want to be spending their time
with their friends, not their parents. That time comes all too quickly, so give them what quality time
you can while they are young, but not at the expenses of ruining your aspirations in life.

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