Thursday, September 27, 2018

6 Reasons Your Kids Should Have A Hobby

If you have kids and they don’t have any immediate hobbies that spring to mind, it’s going to be in
their best interests if you help them to find one ASAP. Every child should have a hobby - read on
for 6 reasons why and some tips:

6 Reasons Your Kids Should Have A Hobby

  1. Hobbies Are A Healthy Way For Your Kids To Get Creative And Express Themselves
Your kids are free to get creative with their hobbies and express themselves. Whether they
are painting, writing, or dancing, they can really let their imagination run wild and feel like
they are expressing themselves as best they can.

2. Hobbies Can Give Stress Relief
Hobbies can be a great way for kids to relieve stress. Yes, kids feel stressed too! Even playing 30
minutes of Final Fantasy 15: A New Empire can provide stress relief, according to a study on video
games. However, making sure they have a hobby away from a screen is also a good idea.
3. Hobbies Improve Confidence
Hobbies allow your kids to do something continuously and get better at it, which in turn increases
confidence. It also shows them that hard work and effort pay off!

4. Hobbies Teach Kids Patience And Discipline
Having a hobby can teach kids things that don’t always come naturally to them, such as patience
and discipline. They will need to stick at it and this is a great skill.

5. Hobbies Encourage Critical Thinking
Your child may need to solve certain problems when it comes to their hobby. It may be simple,
such as what color to use on their canvas next, or it may be something a little more complicated
if their hobby is building model buildings or something like that. Your kid’s problem solving skills will
improve with almost any hobby.

6. Hobbies Can Give Kids More Physical Activity
It’s always a good idea for your kids to have a couple of hobbies, especially one that involves
physical activity so that they stay healthy.

How To Find A Hobby For Your Kids
How can you find the right hobby for your kids? Here are some pointers that will help you!

  • Set An Example - show your kids that having a hobby is great by having your own. 

  • Sacrifice Space - they may need more space in the house to practice their hobby regularly, so
  • do your best to provide it. 

  • Give A Little Guidance - maybe give them some ideas and allow them to try a few different
  •  things. Don’t force them to do something you liked as a kid if it’s not their thing. 

  • Limit Their TV Time - TV time is ok occasionally, but too much of it will stop them from
    following their creative passions and getting anything done. Think of all of the things they could
  •  create if they weren't watching hours of TV per day. Even reading a book is better than watching
  •  TV! 

How will you help your kids to find their very own hobby? Leave your ideas below!

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