Wednesday, August 15, 2018

How to Turn Photos into Work of Art

In the age of smartphones, almost everyone became an instant photographer. From the food we
eat to the landscapes that unfold in front of our eyes, we use our phone to take pictures of almost
anything. These pictures, however, should not just stay on your phone. You can use them for
Shutterfly’s personalized gifts or you can turn it into a piece of art. If you want to know how to do the
latter, keep on reading and learn from the insights we will be sharing in the rest of this post.
Edit the Photos
Post-processing is one of the most important to give an artistic flair to your photos. The good news is
that you can do so right on your phone and without the need to have extensive design knowledge.
You just need to download some of the best photo editing apps, such as Snapseed and Adobe
Photoshop. With the use of these apps, you can make adjustments in the photo depending on how
creative you are.
Print It Out
It will be hard to see the artistic value of your photo when it is just stored on your phone. With this, a
good idea is to have it printed. You will have endless selections on how to print it. One of the best
would be on a canvas. You can print out photos in canvas with varied sizes and make a small gallery
out of it. Look at the canvas prints by Shutterfly to have an idea of what we are talking about.
Frame It
The right frame will also be important when it comes to adding an artistic element in your photos. A
frame will be art in itself, which is why you have to choose wisely. It should not overpower the
photograph. It should also match the d├ęcor or the look of the room where the framed photo will be
placed. Wood is perfect for a rustic and modern appeal. Metallic picture frame, on the other hand,
will be good if you want to be modern and trendy. For gallery walls, you can opt for a frameless piece,
such as canvas prints.
Let there be Light
Make your house look like an art gallery or a museum using the right lighting to draw attention to the
photo. When lighting photos in your home, make sure that it will not damage the material, especially
if it has no glass. If you want the focus to be on the art, choose ceiling-mounted accent lights. Track
lighting, on the other hand, will work if the photo changes from time to time. This will offer flexibility
as you can easily adjust the focus of the light beam. Pictures lights, which are mounted on the frame
itself, will be a great choice for creating an intimate environment.
Even the simplest photos can become a work of art if you know how to transform it into a masterpiece,
which will be possible by taking note of the things that have been mentioned above.

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