Thursday, July 26, 2018

Getting Ready For Back To School With Walmart!

Shhh, listen... Do you hear that? Yes, my friends, that is the sound of pencils, notebook paper, book bags and folders being stocked on the shelves at your local Walmart, and you know what that means, it's almost back to school time! I have to say, I am SO excited for back to school! As a mom of four kids, I never appreciate my kids' teachers more than I do in the middle of Summer! I must admit, I am going to hate getting up early, but getting seven or more hours of quiet and a clean house is a great trade off!

I know a lot of people hate on Walmart, but come on, there is a lot to love! I can do my grocery shopping, pick up my prescriptions, get my kids' school supplies, pet food, a birthday gift for my niece, a new pack of socks for me, and anything else I can possibly think of. I am SO busy, all the time, so any time I can cut down on the amount of trips I have to make, the better! Plus, Walmart has actually been upping their game lately, with their new lines of clothing which are actually super cute, and online grocery pickup, which is a LIFE CHANGER, let me tell ya! (You can find more info about online grocery pickup, Walmart's coupon policy, and more online if you are interested!

I'm just saying there is no shame in my game and I love to shop at Walmart, I am a sucker for saving money and a sucker for convenience! I know that sometimes Walmart gets a bad rap, and I do love supporting my local small businesses as well, but you busy moms have to understand that sometimes, it's really great to just knock everything out at once! Another great tip I have for school shopping is to break your kid's lists down. For me, I have four kids, and buying all four of them their back to school supplies at once would literally make my head explode. I take one list at a time, buy the supplies, bring it home and put it in that kid's backpack to have it ready for the first day. Then, another day when I am feeling brave, I move on to the next kid's list. Putting all four lists together, buying everything at once and then trying to sort it when I got home was way too hard on me! What about you guys? Do you have any tips and tricks for back to school shopping? I would love to hear them, so leave them in the comments below!

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