Sunday, October 2, 2016

HGG: Skinny And Company Coconut Oil Products #BeautyBlogger #Review #SkinCare #Makeup #CoconutOil

Coconut oil is all the rage these days. Everyone uses coconut oil for everything from makeup removal to cooking and everything in between. What most people don't know, though, is not coconut oil is created equal. Skinny & Co. produces the only raw and alkaline coconut oil on the market today. The coconuts that Skinny & Co. uses are handpicked from the jungles of Vietnam. Another thing that makes Skinny and Co. different is that they use their Nutralock System to extract the oil from the coconut. They are the only company out there that actually cools the coconut, rather than heats it, to release the oils! 

We received an awesome sample box of coconut oil products from Skinny & Co. to try out! There is a huge variety of products that Skinny & Co. makes, and we were lucky enough to get to try out 5 of their most popular products! 

First of all, the coconut oil from Skinny & Co. is awesome! If you don't already know, there are more than 100 ways to use coconut oil! It makes an amazing makeup remover, body moisturizer, hair conditioner and more. It is also great in the kitchen, and can be used in place of butter, etc. 

The facial oil is also perfect for makeup removal, and as a facial moisturizer. If you own a cleansing brush, you can use the facial oil alongside that for an extra clean, and you can even use the facial oil as an overnight face mask. It also makes a great beard oil! 

If you have never heard of oil pulling, you should give it a try! Skinny & Co. has a product for that! To do oil pulling, you just simply swish the oil in your mouth for five to twenty minutes. Then you spit, rinse and brush your teeth as normal. Oil pulling is an ancient practice that has recently gained in popularity and helps in oral hygiene. 

The sugar scrub is my favorite product. It's a great all over exfoliater, and is perfect if you are prepping for self tanner. It also makes a great lip scrub, and it smells amazing! I could use this stuff every day! 

The body butter is also amazing! It has an awesome scent, and is so easy and gentle on the skin. It is very hydrating,and you can literally use it for anything! It's great for preventing stretch marks, diaper rash, a hair mask, and even shaving cream! This is really an all over great product! 

As you can see, Skinny & Co. makes some amazing products, and this is really as close as you are going to get to using raw coconut! These products are high quality, and last a very long time! I highly recommend Skinny & Co. for all of your coconut oil needs! Skinny & Co. has been so kind as to provide us with a 15% off discount code on any order! Just enter SKINNYCO15 at checkout for your discount! Visit their website to check out their products, and make sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to stay up to date on all their latest products and news! 

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