Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Game Time With Educational Insights: Diggity Dogs and Kitten Caboodle Game Review! #Homeschool #GameNight #FamilyFun #Blogger #Review

We received a sample product in order to conduct this review. All opinions are our own. 
If you are a mom, you probably already know all too well about the summertime blues and the boredom that kicks in about halfway through the summer. Lucky for us, Educational Insights sent us a couple of great games to kick that boredom's butt this summer! We got the chance to review both the Diggity Dogs and the Kitten Caboodle Games, and they are so much fun for our preschooler!
 We have had so much fun checking out these games! My boys love dogs, so I knew the Diggity Dog Game would be fun, but since we have two cats, they were much more interested in checking out the Kitten Caboodle game to see if they could find out "kinds" of cats in the game. In case you are wondering, Kitten Caboodle is a card game that helps kids with matching, taking turns, counting and more.

It's sort of like a "go fish" game for cats, and it is really fun. It's easy for even the smallest players to understand, which is great! The point of the game is to collect the most "matches" of what your cat needs in order to "adopt" it. Once you have collected all of the things needed for your cat, you can adopt it and it's yours! The person who adopts the most cats, wins!!!
This is such a good game, and easy for little ones to understand! It's also quick to play, which is key for little ones. If a game goes on too long, my littles are bored and instantly done. Meltdown mode. Not with this game though, which is great!
If you are not into cats, don't worry. Diggity Dogs is the same type of game, only with cute puppies to adopt instead of cats. Still fun and easy for everyone to understand, which is great. Educational Insights makes some of our very favorite products, and these two new games are going on our "favorites" list for sure! If you want to check out Kitten Caboodle, Diggity Dogs, or any of Educational Insights other great products, visit them at

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