Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Miracle Blanket: A Miracle For New Moms (and dads!) #Pregnancy #Babies #MomLife #NewBorn #Swaddle #Review

We received a sample product in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100 percent my own. 

One thing that is definitely NOT underrated when it comes to brand new babies is SLEEP! The Miracle Blanket is a lifesaver for new parents! Most new parents know how great swaddling is for babies, and the Miracle Blanket makes it even easier! Babies who are swaddled often fall asleep faster and easier, and can even STAY ASLEEP longer, which we all know is extremely important!! Plus, who doesn't love a baby who is wrapped up like a burrito? Come on!
Miracle Blanket makes all sorts of great swaddling blankets for babies! They are also super affordable, around $30.00 each, which, trust me, is a great deal for something that will help so much! They have solid colors like beige, blue, pink, purple, green and white, but they also have some adorable prints like giraffe, circles, and several different polka dot patterns! We received a Miracle Blanket to pass along to my niece, who just had a baby, and she has been declaring her love for Miracle Blankets ever since!

Trust me, if you have a baby, you are going to want a Miracle Blanket! Just click here to get one ASAP! You're going to love it! Have you ever swaddled your baby? Did they like it? Did you? Leave your swaddle comments below!

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