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Holiday Gift Guide: NERF Infared Night Vision Goggles and Camcorder Review (Spoiler Alert: It's Awesome!) #Nerf #PR #Toys #MomBlogger #Review

We received a sample product in order to facilitate this review. Although a sample product was received, all opinions are my own. 

Isn't it funny how your kids get their own little obsessions and go off on their own little tangents? I think it's hilarious! First we were obsessed with Minecraft, but now, my Tater is obsessed with making his own YouTube videos. They usually don't make sense and they aren't funny at all, but we keep making them, day in and day out... His newest thing has been taking videos in the dark, like he is a spy or an "explorer" (He's obsessed with Bear Grylls!). They are pretty funny videos, but he's always asking me how we can make them better. And, folks, I think I have found the answer! 
This is the NERF Infared Nightvision Camcorder, and it is awesome! I have to say, it is the PERFECT thing for recording videos in any and all surroundings! My boys love to do "Tour" videos, where they take the viewer on a tour of our house, our yard, the park, the grocery store, anywhere, and this camcorder is the perfect thing! You can take videos using this camcorder in the dark or in the daytime, either one, but I have to say that nighttime is MUCH cooler. It is just like the "army guys do", or so I'm told! ;)

I love, love, LOVE NERF because it's one of the only brands that can stand up to the crap that my boys give their toys! They are SO rough on toys, they break them like nobody's business, so I am always looking for tough brands. NERF does the trick, that is for sure! This particular toy takes AA batteries, four of them. They last a pretty long time, but I would recommend getting rechargables, because that really cuts down on your battery cost, and you don't have to run to the store every time the batteries die LOL! 

This is a really cool toy, no matter if your little explorer is big or small! Heck, at our house, even dad had to get in on the action! These are just really cool goggles, and the camcorder part is just what puts it over the top! We are now on a mission to try to go for a walk at night and record something creepy!  I am guessing we might see a raccoon or a deer, but the boys are convinced that we are going to catch Bigfoot! Don't worry, if we get anything good, we'll be sure to post the video so that everyone can see! 

The NERF Infared Nightvision Camcorder retails for around $89.99 at most retailers, but you can get it right now on Amazon for around $77! That, my friends is a pretty good deal for a toy that is going to make your kiddos as happy as this one is! 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Best Buy Is The Perfect Holiday Shopping Destination! #bbyHoliday13 EXCLUSIVE COUPON CODES!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Well, peeps, it's Turkey Day and you know what that means! Black Friday and the deals are so close I can taste it! Don't forget Best Buy this year for your holiday shopping this year! If you've been thinking of them as "just a computer store", or "just an appliance store", or "just a cell phone store", you are so wrong! I have been able to buy most of my kids' Christmas toys from Best Buy, and they have some really amazing deals! 

Here’s why Best Buy is a great Holiday Shopping Destination:

Best Buy is the authority and destination for all your technology and appliance product gifting needs this holiday!

The assortment is second to none:
Best Buy features more than 100 products sold only at Best Buy this Holiday
Offer a market-leading selection of the hottest tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles and titles, wearable technology, health and fitness gear, mobile accessories and much more.They really do have something for everyone! 

When you're shopping at Best Buy, just make sure to look for the blue shirts! Blue Shirts and Geek Squad Agents are passionate, highly trained, knowledgeable and impartial so they can help ensure you get the perfect gifts for your family and friends…and yourself!  They know price is important to us, and frankly it’s important to them too. Their Low Price Guarantee will ensure you’re getting the most competitive price possible.I love stores that offer competitive prices, and Best Buy definitely does that! 

The combination of and their 1,400 stores offers the ultimate showroom to touch, test, try and buy the latest technology.Technology is evolving quickly and becoming increasingly complex- Best Buy is here to help make it easy for your to choose the products and services that work best for you.

No matter what you are looking for, Best Buy has something for you! 

Phones: At Best Buy you can see and try all of the phones, carriers, plans and accessories under one roof with industry-leading trade-in options

Tablets: Best Buy is the only place in America where customers can see all of the latest and greatest tablets. 

Computing: Best Buy features the best selection, advise, services and support in computing. They help set the market by working with the industry's tech leaders to develop a highly specialized and innovative assortment of laptops, many of which are only available at Best Buy
Mobile Accessories: Best Buy has one of the largest selections of accessories and wearables this holiday. Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, health & fitness gear and headphones will truly rule holiday. 

Home Theater: Best Buy offers the world's newest technology, best assortment and service in home theater.

Appliances: Best Buy is better positioned than ever to bring the latest small appliances and special deals to you.

Gaming: Best Buy is THE destination for gaming this holiday. Not only do they have the latest Xbox and PlayStation consoles, but the hottest game releases and everything else you need for a great gaming experience.

Music/Movies/Musical Instruments: Best Buy offers terrific deals on the best entertainment stocking stuffers.

Digital Imaging: Best Buy features the newest selection of cameras, accessories and advise so you can find the perfect gift or capture your own holiday memories.

Tech Services: Best Buy is home of the Geek Squad for help installing, repairing, troubleshooting, optimizing and offering all sorts of technical advice from every Best Buy store, in-home, online and by phone!

Best Buy is READY to help you get ready for the holidays! Don't believe me? Check out these great offers! Best Buy is offering 15% off Health & Fitness Products, Fisher Price and Mattel Toys! (To redeem coupon on, enter code bloggers15off at check out) I can't decide if I should use the coupon code on the Digital Barbie Makeover Kit for my niece, or maybe I want to get the Fisher Price Little People Apptivity Barn for my Beanie! 

If you're looking for a more grown up gift, Best Buy can help you save on those too! You can even get 10% off Headphones and Portable Speakers (Excludes Beats, Bose and Sony Product)! (To redeem coupon on, enter code bloggers10off at check out!) Now I can't decide if I wanna get the Fitbit, The Misfit Shine, The Jawbone UP, or some portable speakers and headphones! Hmmm, maybe I'll just get them all! 

I love that Best Buy is such a great holiday shopping destination! I especially love the fact that I can shop at home in my pj's and either have purchases shipped to my door, or I can pick them up the next time I go to town! (Our best buy is 40 minutes away!) They really make it convenient to do all of your holiday shopping in one place! Don't forget to head on over to and redeem your exclusive coupon codes so you can get the best deals possible! Happy Thanksgiving, and most importantly, Happy Shopping! Don't forget to visit the Best Buy Gift Center if you need gift inspiration! 

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Holiday Gift Guide: The Hottest Gifts For Boys are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Playmates Toys! #Review #Blogger #PR #Toys #MomLife

We received a sample product in order to conduct this review. All opinions are my own. 

As most of you know, the boys in my household, especially my youngest, are the biggest Ninja Turtle fans you will ever find! We have been collecting turtle toys for a really long time now, and my youngest (Beanie) is obsessed! His Christmas list is nothing but Ninja Turtles toys, and I am happy to oblige! We recently got a chance to check out some really great toys from Playmates toys, the makers of TMNT toys, and we are in love with them! 
These are two of the awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Flingers action figures! They are made by Playmates toys and they are SO cute! The Flingers are awesome! They are your favorite Turtles that you know and love, but this time, they are ready for battle! I love these little guys,and so do my little guys! 
This, my friends, is TMNT Flingers Raphael! He throws his famous sais over his shoulder, which is great for fighting the bad guys! He's also wearing his super cool junkyard armor, so he is ready to go and do battle with any enemies that come his way! We love Raph at our house, and my boys have had a great time fighting all the villans (and the other turtles of course, that is what brothers do!)! You can find TMNT Flingers Raphael at a ton of great places like Amazon, Walmart, Toys R Us and Target this holiday season! 

And now this lovely little guy! Meet TMNT Flingers Mikey! Mikey is by far our favorite turtle, he is just the cutest thing! He's the baby of all the turtles, so I think that is why we are sort of partial to him :) This Mikey is special, he is a Flingers toy, so that means that he flings what else? PIZZAS! Love it! He comes with ten pizzas, and he can fling them at enemies in rapid-fire style! You just load the pizzas into his backpack, and he's ready to go! My boys have really loved this! It is their favorite Ninja Turtle toy that we own, by far!
I am nowhere near done with my Turtle Shopping this year! My little man has a big TMNT list for me and Santa both, so I am still on the lookout for these awesome turtles toys: 
(We already have a shellraiser, but NOT the r/c one that shoots sewer lids... we must get it!)

As you can see, we are the biggest TMNT fans around, and I still have much work to do! We're going to be having a Ninja Turtles Christmas, and I am completely okay with that! Check out all the great TMNT toys that Playmates Toys has by visiting their site, liking them on Facebook, and following them on Twitter ! :) 

We received a sample product in order to conduct this review. All opinions are my own. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Great Gifts For The Vaper In Your Life! #Vape #VapeLife #PR #Blogger #Review #Vaper

Disclosure: I received no compensation and/or review products in conjunction with this post. All opinions are 100% my own and this post follows FTC blogger guidelines. 

Most of you already know the story of how my hubby stopped smoking a little over a year ago, and how it completely changed things for our family. Since then, I have learned a lot about the world of vaping, and my hubs has met some really great people. If you know a vaper and you are looking for a great holiday gift, I highly recommend that you check out this awesome Etsy shop! You guys know that I am extremely partial to Etsy as it is, and Vaping Artist has some really great products! 

Look at these adorable Hello Kitty/Cupcake e-cig charms! Now, I don't vape, but if I did, I would want these! Adorable! 
I also really like this black and green snake handcrafted e-cig holder! It even has rhinestone eyes! So cute! 
I also really like this silver tone e-cig charm. It's a circus horse with feathers, I mean, what's not to love!?

These are just a few of the great products Vaping Artist has in their awesome Etsy shop! If you have a vaper on your list (or if you want a great gift for yourself!) I highly suggest that you check out Maria Miller and her beautiful products! Feel free to reach out to her with any questions or special requests that you might have! Make sure you shop small this holiday season with Etsy! 

Holiday Gift Guide: Great Stocking Stuffers For Your Wimpy Kid Fan! #PR #Review #Blogger #WimpyKid

I received a sample product in order to conduct this review, however, all opinions are my own. 

If I were to tell you that Tater is a huge Jeff Kinney/ Wimpy Kid fan, that would be the understatement of the year. We own every Wimpy Kid book, every Wimpy Kid movie, and a wide variety of Wimpy Kid shirts :) When the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, Hard Luck, came out on November 7, I quickly ordered it and wrapped it up under the tree. I knew he was going to be super thrilled with it, since he has been pestering me every time he sees it on the shelf at Walmart. Recently, I got the chance to check out some great stocking stuffers that are going to make my Wimpy Kid fan SOOOO happy! 

I have to say that I am extremely partial to the entire Wimpy Kid line, because they are the books that got my Tater into reading in the first place, and there haven't been any books that have inspired him to read so much since! I know he is going to be SO thrilled with these new Wimpy Kid accessories! There is a real journal (NOT A DIARY!), just like Greg's, and I know he is going to be so thrilled to start his own journal! There is also the magnetic pad set, which is adorable, and the mini journal, which I know he will carry with him everywhere! I really think he is going to like the three notebook set the most, well, next to the diary  journal, that is! Now he will have plenty of places to write and draw just like Greg Heffley! 

These are great products for your little Wimpy Kid fans! You can make some great stocking stuffers with these products, or just wrap them up under the tree with the newest books, and you are sure to have a happy kiddo on your hands come Christmas morning! I love that they have these adorable accessories now, and we have new fun stuff to use in our homeschool lessons! Love it! A big thanks to Abrams Books (@AbramsKids) for the chance to try out these great products! 

Holiday Gift Guide: Spot It! Is THE Game Of The Season! #PR #MomLife #Reviews #Toys #Blogger

disclosure: I received a sample product in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100 percent my own. 

One of my favorite things to give as a gift are games. I feel like I really get my money's worth when I buy games for my boys, because they are (usually) something that last a really long time, and they usually go right back into the nice box, all neat and tidy. Mad props to anything neat and tidy around here! Plus, if a game just so happens to be educational, that gives it even more points in my book. That's why, when we got the chance to check out Spot It!, I knew it was going to be the perfect game for us! 

Spot It! is all of the things I like in a game! First of all, it's affordable (under $12 on Amazon!), and it's small. I love the tiny tin that everything nicely fits back in. It's the perfect size for a stocking stuffer! There are no complicated instructions, the game is simple and easy for kids to understand. I love that! So, how does it work? The game is all about visual perception, so it's working your brain while you play it. There are 55 cards in all, and there is a pattern: between every two cards there is ONE and ONLY one matching symbol. You have to find the matching symbol between the two cards, as fast as you can! Sounds easy, right? It's not! 

It's actually really hard to find the match, especially when you're in the middle of game play and the pressure's on! There are five individual mini-games inside the tin, so if you get bored playing one particular way, you can switch it up and move onto a different way! This game is so fun, I have to say that our entire family has really enjoyed it! It does say for ages seven and up, but Beanie has really enjoyed it as well, and he is only three! It's great for working his growing little brain, and I love that! My boys love it because it is fast paced and keeps them entertained, and they don't have to wait a million years for it to be their turn again. 

I have to say that this is probably our favorite game of the year! It's obviously LOTS of people's favorite game, since it has won tons of awards, and there are TONS of reviews on it around the web! If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer that will get tons of use, I highly recommend Spot It!There are also a ton of great versions of Spot It! including languages like French, Spanish, and more, and animals, shapes, numbers, MLB, and NHL, really and truly, something for everyone!  Check out Blue Orange Games and all of their other game offerings as well, they have tons of great ones! Here are a few of our other favorites: 
SOOO cute, aren't they? Blue Orange Games really has some great selections, and you can check them all out HERE! You can also "like" them on Facebook to make sure that you stay up to date with all their latest deals, news and promotions! I highly recommend this game for your gift giving this year! 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Give The Gift Of Skechers! #Review #Blogger #BlogReview #Fashion #Momlife #Skechers

Disclosure: I received a sample product in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

I was clearly misinformed about having kids. I honestly thought that just because I don't have a girl, I would never have to deal with a drama queen for a child, that there would never be fights about hair gel, and that shoes would not be that big of a deal. At least not at age seven, anyway. Boy, was I wrong. Some days, I could swear that I am parenting a teenage girl instead of a seven year old stinky little boy. You really would not believe how important things like music, hair styles and clothes are to him! One REALLY big thing for him is shoes. The shoes are always super important now. We used to just be able to head to the store and grab some shoes for him, or order them online. His input was not that important, and he would be super happy with whatever we picked out. (Because we have good taste... right? RIGHT?) 

Not anymore. Now we have to seriously go through hundreds of pairs of shoes before we decide exactly what he wants. In case you didn't know, the coolest shoes for little boys these days are from Skechers! When we got the chance to check out a pair of Skechers shoes for boys, it took FOREVER to decide which pair were the perfect ones for Tater. We had to narrow the choices down, and trust me, it was not easy! 

Oh, so many choices! We had such a hard time choosing, but my little man finally chose the Skechers Boys' Synergy Forgo, and I have to say, I think he made a great choice. They are SO cool looking, I have to admit, and they are from Skechers, so you already know they are well made and durable! 

 Aren't these some cool shoes? Here's a little bit more about them: 

Boys' Synergy - Forgo Training Shoes
Put some more speed into his stride with the SKECHERS Synergy - Forgo shoe. Smooth trubuck leather and mesh fabric upper in a lace up athletic running and training sneaker with stitching and overlay accents.

Smooth trubuck leather upper
Diamond weave mesh fabric panels for cooling effect
Lace up athletic running and training sneaker design
Stitching accents
Contrast colored side underlay panel
Side overlay detail with cutout accents
Heel contrast colored mesh fabric panel
Printed side stripes
Side S logo
Lace up front
Padded collar and tongue
Soft fabric shoe lining
Cushioned comfort insole
Shock absorbing lightweight and flexible midsole
Midsole with color accenting
Flexible segmented nonmarking traction outsole
Needless to say, my little man is more than thrilled with these shoes! And so I am I! They are really cute, but I also know that they are going to last a long time and I won't have to be running out to replace them in a couple of months. That is a big deal for me! Plus, at only $46.00, these shoes are a great deal! If you want to check them out for yourself, you can do so HERE. Personally, I think is pretty much a one-stop gift shop. You can buy shoes for every single member of the family, and good shoes at that! I know that shoes are a practical gift, but Skechers shoes are also fashionable and cool, so no one on your list will mind getting a practical gift! I always get my boys at least one pair of shoes at Christmas time. It's a win/win! They get an awesome pair of shoes that they love, and I get to check another gift off the list, and also I can rest assured knowing that shoes are taken care of for awhile! 

If you are going to be doing some shoe shopping this holiday season, make sure that you join Skechers Elite! It's absolutely FREE and you get FREE shipping! What could be better!??! Make sure you also follow Skechers on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook so you can stay up to date with all of their newest deals, promotions and trends! You can also always access their website HERE! Happy shopping! 

Disclosure: I received a sample product in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Holiday Gift Guide: Spiderman Ear Buds Make Great Stocking Stuffers! #PR #Review #Blogger #Spiderman

I received a sample product in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

I was lucky enough to come across another great stocking stuffer recently! I have two boys who are addicted to their electronics. Whether it's games on the 3DS or educational apps on the iPad, or even annoying YouTube videos on their iPod, they are always messing with some sort of electronic device. The problem is, I get SO tired of hearing all of that stuff.. In our house, earbuds are a MUST.HAVE. so mom doesn't go crazy! 

I absolutely love these Spiderman earbuds! They are compatible with just about any device you could think of, including iPods, iPhones, iPads, cd players, computers, personal DVD players and gaming systems. Plus, they are SO cute! My boys love these! They are comfy on their ears too, which is really hard to find in an earbud. They are often made for bigger ears, and then my guys complain that their ears are hurting. But, not with these fortunately! 

Anyhow, we love these earbuds, and would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a great earbud for your kiddos! You can pick up your own pair right HERE! What a great deal! Only $8.99 and FREE shipping with Amazon Prime! With a price this great, I would get a couple of these if I were you! 

I received a sample product in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

Holiday Gift Guide: GoGo Pillow Makes A Great Gift! #AsSeenOnTV #Blogger #Review #MomLife

I received a sample product in order to conduct this review, all opinions are my own. 

In our house, tablets are a big deal. They are one of the very few things that my kids keep playing with year after year. We also use our tablets quite often for our homeschool lessons, so they are pretty much always being used, either for fun or for school. The only problem is that they are big and bulky, and sometimes hard for the boys to use wherever we are. We often do school on the couch, out in the yard, or curled up in the living room floor, or on the bed. I knew that we needed something to make using the tablets more comfortable, but I wasn't sure quite what the answer would be. Now that we have discovered the GoGo Pillow, I know it is what we have been waiting for! 

I have to say that I wasn't sure if we would REALLY use the GoGo Pillow, or if it would just be a cool thing to have, but we really do use it all the time! I am now a lot more comfortable letting the boys take the tablets in the car, or even carrying them around the house. They are also a lot more comfortable when they are using the tablets on a surface that is not flat, and I can tell that they are able to concentrate better! I also like tha the GoGo Pillow sits at any angle, so I can prop it up to use it. 

One of my favorite features is the attached straps. The boys can wear it as a backpack (although I still won't let them), or I really like being able to attach it to the headrest in the car. It is really going to come in handy this holiday season. We always take a drive out to Southern Lights drive through light display, and it takes us about an hour to get there, so this will be great. The boys can watch Christmas movies in the backseat on the way! It also transforms into a neck pillow, which is great if you travel a lot! 
GoGo Pillow makes a great gift! I love that they now have 11 different colors/prints to choose from! I especially like the cheetah print and the tie dye! Right now, you can actually get a FREE GoGo Pillow when you buy one at regular price from their website! How great is that? You can get two gifts for a great price, or gift one and keep the other! You can check that great deal out HERE! Make sure to check out their Facebook page as well so you can keep up to date with all their latest deals and promotions! Now get going and order your GoGo Pillow today! 

I received a sample product in order to conduct this review, but all opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Great Books For The Readers On Your List! #Books #Reader #MomLife #Review

I love to read, I wish it was something that I could have more time for. I used to always have a book in my face when I was growing up, and all the time before I had kids. Now, there is no time for any of that! However, I still have an ever-growing collection of books, both on my iPad and "real", that I keep on collecting just in case I ever have a free moment! Today I want to tell you guys about three great new books that are going to be perfect for holiday gifts or stocking stuffers! 

The first book that is great for moms new and not so new this holiday season is "Everything i needed to know i learned from my six-month-old" (Awakening to Unconditional Self-Love in Motherhood). This book is by Kuwana Haulsey and it is a great uplifting read. Here is a little bit about the book: 

Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned from a Six-Month-Old: Awakening to Unconditional Self Love in Motherhood is an Eat Pray Love for moms. It fuses memoir, spirituality and self-development into the unique perspective that babies are actually extraordinary spiritual teachers who are capable of showing their caregivers the way toward inspired living. Kuwana Haulsey imparts this deeper understanding of a universal truth of love , in which motherhood is explored as a means of waking up to her innate potential for personal transformation.

This is a great read, and I wish I would have had this book when I first became a mom! New moms often feel overwhelmed and alone, and I am glad this book can help some moms feel a little better about the huge changes they are going through. Everything I Needed to Know I Learned From My Six-Month-Old: Awakening To Unconditional Self-Love in Motherhood is a great choice for the moms on your holiday list! 

The next book I would like to recommend is Crafting Calm: Projects and Practices for Creativity and Contemplation. This book is awesome, even though I am not a crafty type of gal at all! Here's a little bit more about this book: 

As our world has become increasingly dependent on technology, and our Western societies have become woefully “Crackberried”— to use the title of a recent documentary on the emotional and social pitfalls of our too-wired ways—an intriguing phenomenon is occurring: There is an increasing amount of interest in returning to some of the simpler arts that were neglected or left behind with the onslaught of technology. Artisans and everyday crafters are finding a renewed satisfaction in making something with their own hands; some are even communicating about the inherent physical- and mental-health benefits found in handwork—and, even more than that, they are framing their handwork as meditation or spiritual practice. In today’s sophisticated and pluralistic society, people are more aware than ever that spiritual practice can be defined more expansively—and the popularity of books focusing on alternative spiritual practices demonstrate that readers are hungry for new (or ancient) ways of enhancing their inner lives. 

In Crafting Calm the author will explore these new forms of creative spiritual practice and the benefits they provide. The format of With Shannon's book will itself be creative, a rich “potpourri approach” that weaves together interviews, historical facts, projects for readers to do themselves, quotations, and suggested resources. Crafting Calm will serve as an inspirational resource guide to a broad assortment of spiritual practices gathered from the global arts-and-crafts communities, as well as from people who don’t consider themselves artists but who have adopted creatively expressive forms of spiritual practice. While there have been a few books published focusing on a particular form of creative spiritual practice (Skylight Paths, for example, has published books on beading as a spiritual practice; painting as a spiritual practice; and using clay as a spiritual practice), no one has yet explored the breadth of possibilities for creative spiritual practices contained in Crafting Calm.

This is a great book, it is very inspirational and can really motivate women to make some beautiful works of art, all while helping them feel better along the way. This book is a very cool read that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

The final book that we are highlighting today is my very favorite. 
Mom's the Word: The Wit, Wisdom, and Wonder of Motherhood is a book that really spoke to me. Allen Klein did a really great job with this book and collecting all of these wonderful quotes on motherhood. 

Heartwarming and humorous, this tribute to moms of the world gathers the best things anyone ever said about motherhood. From Dolly Parton to Dear Abby to delightful mother daughter duos such as Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson, women (and a few men) crack wise on the subject of the center of every family, mommie dearest! Mom’s the Word celebrates all motherhood with wise and witty words from the famous (Oprah Winfrey: "Mothers are really the true spiritual leaders.") and the funny (Erma Bombeck: "In general, my children refuse to eat anything that hasn't danced on television."). Also included are as well as thoughts that are meaningful (Jewish proverb: "God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.") and memorable (Nora Ephron: "If pregnancy were a book, they would cut the last two chapters."). 

I love this book, it provided me with lots of smiles and laughs, and I will dearly cherish these quotes about motherhood! It would be perfect for a brand new mom who is just beginning her journey, or a seasoned mama who might have forgotten all of the fun parts of motherhood. It's a great gift for a mom friend, your own mom, or even a grandmother who might like to reflect on her own parenting days. A truly great read! 

Make sure to check out these three great books for the ladies on your list this holiday season! 

I was provided with a sample product in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own. 


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