Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Starting Off Right With A Little Help From Flash Kids!!

When it came to deciding what we were going to be using for our very first year of homeschooling, I was so overwhelmed and confused. There is just SO much to choose from, so many resources out there... What would happen if I chose the wrong ones? I just found myself wishing, over and over again, that there was just a simple, straightforward website where I could get what I needed, all in one place, and at an affordable price. Enter Flash Kids!! When I got the chance to check out some products from Flash Kids, I was thrilled! Finally, just what I had been looking for! 

Flash Kids offers whatever you need, a ton of educational tools and options, all in one place! The products that Flash Kids sell are great quality products, and they are fun products as well! They are designed to appeal to kids, and they are attractive and fun to look at and use! 

Just take a look at these awesome products that we received from Flash Kids: 
I was so excited to get these awesome workbooks in the mail!! I got two great workbooks for my big guy: Spelling Skill and Math Skills, both Grade 2!! I also got two wonderful workbooks for my little guy, PreK "Ready For School", and PreK "Letters". I was super impressed with these books, they are going to be a wonderful addition to our first homeschool year! 
 Here's a peek inside the Math workbook.. It has some really great lessons in there, some great review, and some great practice too! I really love that there is so much material covered in one convenient little book! I can pick and choose what worksheets for my guy to do based on what we are studying at the time. The worksheets aren't just boring old math problems, either. There are fun pictures, games, etc.. in the books to keep kids from getting bored with the work. Love it!! This workbooks is definitely going to be a great resource for us this year! The spelling book (I forgot to take pics of the inside of it), it also great as well! Lots of varied words, and I can pick and choose depending on what level my guy is spelling at! Definitely a great supplement here as well!

 Wanna take a peek inside the PreK workbooks? You know you do!! I was VERY impressed with the Letters workbook. Full color pages, big pictures for each letter, these will definitely keep my little man engaged and excited about learning his letters! It has space for him to practice writing every letter, and I LOVE that it's not just a boring, black and white letter tracing book. I know he is going to love this, and it honestly looks like a storybook with all of those beautiful illustrations! 
Here's a peek inside the "Ready For School" workbook! I love this one too, it has so many different subjects covered, from letters to counting to colors and shapes. This one is certainly going to prove to be a great resource to add to my PreK journey this year! My little man is just starting out so I know we will get a LOT of mileage out of such a versatile workbook! 
I was also really excited to receive a super cool Flash Chart too: 
This one is Grammar and Punctuation, and it contains all sorts of helpful hints and tips about all things grammar! This will come in super handy for my big guy, who often struggles with this sort of thing! I am keeping it right on top of his desk for easy access if he ever has a question! I am SO impressed and excited with all of our great new finds from Flash Kids! 

Of course, now I am planning what else I need from Flash Kids since I saw what great products they have! Their "Write On, Wipe Off" series looks great, and I LOVE the fact that I can use them over and over again.. That really speaks to the frugal mama in me! I also know that I am going to have to get me some of those flash cards too! As if all of Flash Kids products are not enough, you can also check out their site to get some great free downloads! They have all sorts of worksheets that are fun and educational too! 

So, bottom line? I am in LOVE with Flash Kids! Their wonderful products, affordable prices, free extras, fast shipping and great customer service all combine to make me one really happy mama! I might have been feeling a little overwhelmed and worried about our homeschool year before, but thanks to the great products that I got from Flash Kids, I have regained my confidence and I am ready to conquer our first homeschool year!!! If you wanna get ready to conquer your homeschool year too, visit Flash Kids today! Oh, and don't forget to check out the awesome Flash Kids Blog Tour, going on RIGHT NOW!! 

(Disclosure: I was provided with free product from Flash Kids for review purposes. All opinions are my own and are never influenced by outside means.)

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